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Ranked Changes History

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Ranked Changes History


Just so we don't forget what happened in the past while we wait for the future changes, also how to read players profiles skipping less meaningful Seasons.

Thrall Patch (13/01/2015)

  • Initial implementation for Hero League.

Kharazim Patch (18/08/2015) – Start: Preseason

  • Ranks reset (MMR not reset), and 20 placement matches needed to receive initial ranking.
  • Hero League is now limited to a maximum Party size of four players.
  • Ability to create a named team in Team League has been removed.

Rexxar Patch (08/09/2015)

  • Hero League is now limited to Parties of two or fewer.

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Dehaka Patch (29/03/2016)

  • Bans added.
  • Account level 30 no longer needed, need access to 14 Heroes over level 5 to queue, free week Heroes can now also be selected.

Medivh Patch (14/06/2016) – Start: 2016 Season 1

  • Ranked switched to Bronze to Grand Master Leagues instead of 50 Ranks.
  • First timers in Hero League and Unranked Draft will seed from QM MMR; future Hero League will seed from Unranked Draft; Team League uses Hero League for MMR seeding.

Alarak Patch (13/09/2016) – Start: 2016 Season 2

  • Ranked Points in excess of Division cap are stored for promotions.
  • Grandmaster players have been reduced from 500 to 200 in Hero League.

Ragnaros Patch (14/12/2016) – Start: 2016 Season 3

  • Hero League is now solo queue only.
  • Team League is now for 2, 3, and 5-player Parties.
  • Now draft is FCFS in Team League.
  • Team League 2 and 3 player parties must be ranked within one League of one another.
  • Silver and Gold will now contain similar amounts of players; Diamond will now have about half the number of players than the previous Season.

Balance Patch (20/12/2016)

  • Players can now group regardless of Rank and with those in placements for Team League.

Probius Patch (14/03/2017) – Start: 2017 Season 1

  • No changes to Ranked.

Malthael Patch (13/06/2017) – Start: 2017 Season 2

  • Matchmaking now allows players to wait "indefinitely" for a good Team League match.

Kel'Thuzad Patch (05/09/2017) – Start: 2017 Season 3

  • Players with high MMR can now place as high as 1000 Rank Points into Master.

Hanzo Patch (12/12/2017) – Start: 2018 Season 1

  • Performance-based matchmaking (then removed).
  • Seeding bug (solved for next Season to work properly, but leaving damaged MMRs and Ranks).

Ana, Medivh, Sonya Rework (06/03/2017) – Start: 2018 Season 2

  • No more boost the system’s uncertainty level in players’ matchmaking ratings (MMRs) at the start of a new Season.
  • 1 League cap on how much your Rank can move as a result of placement matches.
  • First time ranked players cannot be seeded higher than Platinum 3 when they start placement matches. This is an older rule, but when combined with the changes mentioned above, the highest those players can exit placements will now be Diamond 3.

Azmodan & Raynor Rework (10/07/2018) – Start: 2018 Season 3

  • Third Ban added and the number of level 5+ Heroes required to participate in Hero League has been increased from 14 to 16.
  • Rank Decay added for inactive players.
  • New players will no longer be seeded into placement matches higher than Gold 5 (and can place not higher than Platinum 5).
  • Players on an extended break from HL will no longer be re-seeded into placement matches based on their performance in other modes.

Brightwing & Kerrigan Rework (25/09/2018) – Start: 2018 Season 4

  • Team League now supports all Party sizes, including solo players.

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