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Ranked mode Merge: What is it, why is it happening and why you should worry…

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Ranked mode Merge: What is it, why is it happening and why you should worry...


As many of you might know, we are near a merge of HL and TL, meaning that we will have a single ranked mode. As for the actual details on it, I'll admit, I don't know what is actually happening because I've read a lot on AMAs and recent thread and alike, but as far as I understood it, it will be a game mode where you can queue up in any party size, such as TL (correct me if I'm wrong).

Now, why is it happening? Since the HGCpocalypse, HL has clearly died down. Queues are long and people are complaining that they can't find matches. When they do find matches though, they are low quality. Personally, my queues in Master have been around 5-10 minutes so can't complain much, but I've seen a lot LOT worse. I play in the Europe server, but apparently in other regions it's near critical. However, TL queues are fast and it seems like everyone is playing that instead due to being able to play with friends and have fun.

All of this makes it feel like HL is just basically being deleted since it isn't used anyway. As far as ranking in the new merged mode, it is REALLY worrying. If it takes MMR from TL in ANY way, the game dies, literally… TL ranking is by far the worst measure of skill in the game, and here is why: you can queue with friends of any ranks (and even make smurfs) to farm teams of lower average MMR.


In HL I'm Master and I got there from climbing all the way from Silver. In TL I'm Plat 3 right now, having been on my promotion to Diamond 1 at one point, but playing with friends of "lower skill" just for fun. It really is tilting to keep losing to strategies made to win against people with no experience by smurfs… Imagine you're up against an abathur comp and you're the solo laner. You manage to freeze the lane so well and deny the abathur so much experience that your team is almost 2 levels ahead. Then your team decides to just feed for no reason and now you're losing. Why did this happen? Because of a high melee comp into people who don't know how to draft around these comps, play against them or know what an abathur is. Another even better example is "Juice Pirates". If your team doesn't know mid-draft what's about to happen, it's already a lost game 90% of the time. If you know what's happening and have already picked a hero, even worse, because you cant even take heroes to help defending the keeps/core like zeratul.

But then, once you end your games and check everyone's ranks youll see that the 2-3 random players you were assigned were bronze/silver HL and gold/plat TL, while the enemy team was gold/plat HL and Master in TL, queueing with players around level 100 who surprisingly have high winrates on every hero they play.

It's safe to say that once the ranked modes merge, I will probably not be playing much more of ranked, seeing as I'll be victim of more of these cases, and I won't be able to hop into HL for actually decent games instead of fiestas. All I can do it Blizzard, PLEASE do not take TL MMR into consideration, and much less make it so your rank is the highest of the two. I don't feel like playing with silvers in Master, the same way people don't want to play with masters in silver.

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