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Ranked rant and how to improve hots ranked system

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Ranked rant and how to improve hots ranked system

For context, I have made similar posts and comments a few months ago, when I was placed in bronze. Now I have grinded to gold and I want to share my experience of this and propose some fixes to this broken system. It took me about 80 games to get to gold 4 from bronze 5, but I still plan to continue climbing and hopefully I can reach diamond or even master.

The first problem in storm league starts when you play your placement matches. When I played my placements for the first time 2 or 3 years ago, I had to do 10 games with and against bronze 5 players. It didn't matter if I won or lost, it was just bronze 5. And you won't believe where I got placed… Bronze 5! Now for my skill level, I am not the best, but I had been playing for a year in unranked with a master friend, who taught me how to play well and I believe I could have easily been atleast gold back then.

The fix for this problem is quite simple and I know blizzard has the know-how for this, because I have played ranked in StarCraft, where I got to diamond directly after my placements. There I played people with a range of different skill levels and then got placed. I believe that blizzard can make the 3 placement matches be with different mmr levels and then determine your own mmr. And maybe you can get higher than you actually are, but naturally you will lose and your mmr will eventually settle on the right amount.

After I got placed on bronze 5, I stopped playing ranked for two reasons. It was not fun to play with players that barely knew the maps, let alone tha game and I also thought that bronze 5 + master player duo seems funnier than bronze 4 or something else. And after a few months, I decided to try again, new placements, they made them only 3 games, so I thought maybe they will place me better. No. 3 games with bronze players and placed bronze 4 because I won 2. This season, I placed at silver 1 after I won all 3 matches and that was because the season before that I ended in silver 2. So basically it was 3 normal ranked matches, but I didn't see my mmr go up until the 3rd.

The solution here is pretty simple aswell and widely used. In new seasons, make mmr fluctuate a bit more. I know it does, by a bit, but make it more, maybe if you win all 3 games you get placed in a higher tier or atleast a few divisions higher.


My last problem is with the mmr gains and losses when you play. It wasn't really true when I said that I stopped playing after I got placed in bronze 5. I played 1 more game, because I thought if I got like 1 division up per win, then it might be worth it. I got less than halfway through bronze 5 and I gave up. Today I played a few games aswell and I won 3, got to gold 4 from gold 5 and then lost 1. I got demoted because of this loss back to gold 5 with 16 mmr to gold 4. Now not only did my mmr gain go from 500 to 400, but I also got demoted because we had an abathur with monstrosity. In contrast, I have recently played a lot of TFT, where once I won 4 games in a row and got from gold 2 to platinum 2.

For this problem we need a bonus for winstreaks, preferably infinitely stacking, because I have gotten a few big winstreaks the biggest I think was 8 games. Also we need a stop on mmr loss when you are about to get demoted, so that you go down a division only if you lose 2 games in a row. Best case scenario would also be if you win more mmr than you lose, but that will be a bit hard to balance I think and with winstreaks and stops when you are about to get demoted it might be enough.

And all this ranting is because I'm having no fun playing with low league players. I try to educate them, but I can't teach them everything in one game. It feels as if I'm playing 5 heroes and I have to send everyone to their position or they will just find an enemy hero and die. It's just stressful and unfun. And sometimes they listen to pings and do things, but sometimes, they just do whatever they want and you have to pray to god they don't just throw the game. With those players, you need to think of unoptimal strategies constantly, because you can't go alone to do the right thing, it's just better to stay as 5 and do the wrong thing, so you have to try and balance the two to win. Sorry for the long post, it was brewing for quite a bit.

TL;DR: I have found 2 major problems with hots ranked and proposed solutions:

  1. Placements feel like they don't do anything. Make people be able to place atleast a tier up from last season so that they are not just normal ranked games. Maybe something like gain 2 divisions per win and lose 1 per loss is an easy solution.

  2. Mmr gain is low and loss is high. Add bonuses for winstreaks and add a stop to mmr loss when you are about to go down a division.

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