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[Rant on ranked mode] Why does the ranked mode build teams based on rank and not based on MMR?

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - [Rant on ranked mode] Why does the ranked mode build teams based on rank and not based on MMR?

You've been warned – rant incoming.

Here's the story. Came back after not playing for a couple of seasons. I used to finish in master/grandmaster. Got placed in gold 4 after going 9-1 or something in the placements. Well… What? Gold 4? I knew I wouldn't start where I left but that is just plain dumb. Games were complete stomps, and no offense to gold players reading this, but playing was just no match.

Right now I played myself up to Diamond 3 and have something like 25-30 positive rank adjustment. The thing you start noticing is that at some point ~90%+ of games you start banning and you'll always get people a division or two below you on your team.

It feels so wrong going up the ladder but at the same time the matchmaker starts giving you worse players. One time I apparently DC'ed and lost 600 points. I know you don't lose MMR for a DC, but losing points is far worse in this ranked system because you'll be matched with people from lower leagues, even widening the gap and making your games considerable worse quality wise. If I DC just ban me for a day or put me into leaver games or something, idk. But punishing someone more for DC'ing in draft instead of DC'ing ingame is just mindboggling to me.


Placing someone 20.000 points below where the person stopped.

Being punished for winning too many games in a row. You know, instead of acknowledging that after winning 90% of games the last 30 games maybe the player isn't where he belongs.

All this league and rank adjustment sugar coating.

Who thought of this madness?

It's a ranked mode. Just put me into a game with people of my MMR, stop the rank adjustment bullsh*t, punish people who leave during the game and don't punish players who climb the ladder too fast.

Maybe I'll give ranked another shot in a year or so.

Sorry for rant, but this game just has one of the weirdest ranked modes I know of.

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