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Just wants to update you on this

I posted this on there forums (the message begins with &&&& and ends with &&&&)


Let me first state that I am a jerk. I know that about myself, but after the first ban for an abusive chat, I made a strong effort to fallow your guideline exactly. Also after one of your players threaten to kill me, I went to a lawyer before contacting you. Your representative mistaking denied my civil rights, before attempting to send me on. As a result, I no longer had to take any action to protect myself from that person, or any other that made such statements because you were now legally required too. But that neither here nor there.

However, as a result of that conversation, I have been recording most of my discussions over chat.

What I bring up is this after my second ban.



With all due respect,

This time I did not violate your rules. There are two times which I know I got falsely reported. Those are as followed

  1. in hero league, A player threatened to kill me based on my choice of hero, and I asked the rest of the team to defend me and report him. After the game, I found out that they were all his friends and report me to protect him. (this is the second time a player has threatened to kill me over your platform. Based on our previous discussing you are still providing me with legal insurance. Thanks, I have already informed my lawyers about this).

  1. In team league, A player intentional feed the game before and I reported for that. In the next game, I was placed with the same party. I asked the highest ranked party member to 'please not select because we won't win, your party member intentionally feeds.' I concluded he was only partied with him to drop his rank after he stated that he would not. As a result, I went off meta and played a pure solo laning butcher, while avoiding the player who intentionally feeds. During that game, I did make efforts to win, just not meta efforts. As seen, by the fact, I killed one fort and brought another fort to below half health. As a result of me reporting the feeder, his party counter reported me for 'aggressive text.'

I made sure never to threaten anyone beyond the statement 'if you continue feeding I will report you' or 'that action will result in your account getting banned' which after reporting your terms and services does not seem to violate anything.



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Hi there ….,

Following a review of your case, we can confirm that the evidence presented was correct and that the subsequent action taken was appropriate. Our decision in this matter stands and will not be overturned.

For privacy and security reasons, it is our policy never to reveal details regarding account investigations beyond those which are provided in the original notice mail.

If you wish to review our current Rules and Policies, they can be found at

(missing link)

This action has been taken in accordance with our Heroes of the Storm Policies (missing link) which all players acknowledge and agree to prior to playing Heroes of the Storm. These policies and conditions allow us to maintain a fun and safe game environment for all our players.

Our (missing link) Terms of Use can be found at

(missing link)

We now consider this matter closed and would not look to enter into further discussion on the subject.


After reviewing my chat one more time I can only conclude that you consider one of the following statement Abusive

1.I really don't want to play with him

2.I really don't want to play around him

  1. please do not pick your party member is a feeder.

4.If you continue playing like that your account will be banned

  1. Report …… For feeding.

  2. Just ignore him he is a feeder.

7.Please report …. for threating to kill me.

  1. He is only mad because last game he feed me.

If im missing any that don't fall under those guidelines, please Tell me. I understand it your game and you made the writing in your abusive chat subsection so vague that you can do whatever you want with it. But are you serious?

Last I check both the players that threaten to 'kill me' accounts are still active, So you prefer to punish a player that is passionate in your game and has put effort into getting better, over someone that actually make serious and legal threats.

If that is not the case, it must be my race or gender both of which 'I think' are available to you.

Either way, I work with children, The fact that you allow people how threat peoples live on your platform over people that attempt to get better in your game is disturbing and reckless.

Which bring me to my summary, You have every right to ban me from your service for any reason at all, not subject to the protected classes. It is your property after all and as long as it does not endanger other your free to do as you wish.

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But are you serious blizzard , Really those statements!

I will be posting this on every hots related site I can find.

PS. I had to remove the links in their response to make it submittable. I also removed all names and replaced them will …


After Posting that to the forums my account on forums was also suspended.

So in summery my account on hots was banned because I ask my teammate to report a feeder, and to report someone for threatening to kill me. And when I called blizzard out on it they banned me from their forums.

However when I log into another account I was able to still find out that the two people who threaten to kill me accounts are still active.

After the first person who threaten to kill me wasn't banned I messaged them about it and they said something around the lines of 'it wasn't actionable yet'. So in blizzard hots world threatening to kill someone is not actionable and is allowable but asking people to play the game and report about who either don't or threaten to kill you is not. Just fyi in the united states (which the country the are based in) is illegal and defending the person makes you complicit in the crime.

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