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Rebalancing Deckard’s Ruby

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Rebalancing Deckard's Ruby

> has always been a super weird talent for Deckard. On paper at launch, it seems hilariously OP. Hit a group of heroes, 3 mini-potions per hero hit. Each mini potion healed for 83% of one potion, so effectively hitting one hero dropped two and a half potions on the ground (equivalent at launch to 9 seconds of CD, 6 seconds with trait). Hit multiple heroes, and that should be an easy win, right?

Yet, at launch, Ruby wasn't just Deckard's worst performing level 4, it was one of if not the worst performing individual talent in the game. It's win rate at launch was sub 41% on a hero with a 51% win rate.

So it was buffed.

And buffed.

And each time, the buff wasn't enough.

Until now. Now, Deckard can use Ruby every 10 seconds before level 20, and every 5 seconds after level 20. (At launch, it was 30 seconds). This means you can support frontline dive substantionally better than healers who were designed to support frontline divers, like Malf or Rehgar. The amount of raw healing is absolutely insane.

As of right now, a Deckard Cain Q heals for 270 baseline.

A ruby heals for 250 baseline, or 92.5% of a potion. This means if you only hit two heroes, you will drop the equivalent of 5.5 potions on the ground. THis means every 10 seconds, you can fairly reliably generate as much potential healing as 15-20 seconds of prep time BEFORE a fight.

And yet, despite how insane ALL of that sounds, Ruby is only performing at about a 51% win rate right now. However, Potion of Shielding and Rejuv potion are both around 46%, 5% lower.


So, I think any solution to balance Ruby should start with buffing Shield and Rejuv. At launch, Shielding was Deckard's anti-burst and team fight healing option, and it was REALLY strong. Since then, it's shielding amount has been reduced. But that wasn't the biggest nerf.

The biggest nerf was Deckard's cooldown change on Potions.

At launch, Deckard had a 3 seconds CD on potions. Later, they "berfed" Deckard by increasing potion healing, but increasing the cooldown to 4 seconds. This means you will throw out (assuming you spam Q on CD) 25% fewer potions over a given time period.

THIS WAS A MASSIVE NERF to Rejuv and Shielding potion, which have seen NO BUFFS since the change. Even without any numbers changes, these talents are now 25% worse in a potion spamming situation.

And this raises an important point:

Before the last Ruby buff, Deckard was generally considered a CC support, and was underperforming.

So to that end, I would suggest to make Deckard's level 4 choice interesting and competitive,

  • Buff Shielding potion's shielding amount (Single target burst option)
  • Buff Rejuv potion's healing amount, but also extend the HOT time so if someone picks up several potions in a row, the HOT gets less value (Sustain option)
  • Nerf the healing numbers of Ruby potions by about 20% (maybe 200 ish baseline), but keep the CD as is. (Team fight, grouping enemy counter). The cooldown is actually interesting tradeoff as is, because it makes it harder to take Sapphire or Emerald because of the opportunity cost.

That's my TED Talk.

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