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Rebalancing Medivh – some ideas

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Rebalancing Medivh - some ideas

It's a fairly well-known fact that Medivh has been underwhelming in general, more casual play while being an absolute terror in the competitive scene since his release. This hasn't changed in tournaments like CCL where he's seen nearly 100% pick/ban AND WIN rates thus far. If I recall correctly he's also not undergone very significant changes to his talents or kit since release. Many of his talents are "must picks" in high level play making his build diversity very poor. Here are some of my ideas for how to make him a less "skewed" hero, both less oppressive in competitive but more accessible in non-competitive play:

1. Increase Portal's Cooldown – by far the biggest offender for making Medivh's power in the two play environments so skewed is Portal, as without coordination it's an average ability at best, but with coordination it's game-winning and terrifying, demanding good drafting to counter its potential. I think its baseline cooldown should be increased significantly, from the current 16 seconds potentially all the way up to as high as 30 seconds. Potentially its range should be reduced as well. If that seems steep, hear me out:

2. Temporal Flux reduces Portal Cooldown, NOT Ult – Ley Line Seal is another of Medivh's most OP tools, particularly in competitive for the ability to set up unavoidable wombo combos, steal bosses/camps, and just generally win fights through isolation. The > talent turns a good ult oppressive by allowing potentially multiple casts in the same fight or at least much higher uptime on the ultimate (even with Polybomb it's pretty darn good). I believe its function should be changed to instead reduce the cooldown of Portal, NOT the Ultimate ability. Already powerful ults don't need even bigger power spikes, but Flux should work more like Fishing Hook for Stitches, making a long cooldown but signature ability much more powerful in the later stages of the game, but reducing that tool's oppressiveness in the early game.

3. Remove Stable Portal, move Guardian of Tirisfal down to 16 to replace it. One of the big reasons Medivh is weak in non-competitive play is his near total lack of macro, be it camp-clear or waveclear. I believe that similar to Nova, he should at the very least gain access to some potential waveclear by Tier 16. > is powerful but comes online too late in a lot of cases to be useful except if your team is losing all lanes and needs emergency de-push. It also competes with talents like Medivh Cheats! so isn't picked in competitive play. Medivh doesn't need 5 Storm Talents (never liked that) so move this one down a tier.


4. Bake Portal Mastery into Portal Baseline – it's considered a must-pick in competitive play, and I hate must-pick talents. If Portal's cooldown is greatly increased as I propose, to 22-30 seconds, then making > baseline would be a good "consolation prize" and increase talent diversity as well. To replace it, possibly Stable Portal, at least the duration component of it, could be moved down to this talent tier. Alternately it could be moved to the Level 4 tier replacing Dust of Appearance, and Dust could be moved to Tier 1.

5. Raven Form no longer has bonus move speed, OR make it Reveal him – Another reason Medivh is so powerful especially in competitive is his vision control and ability to rotate between lanes with 100% safety thanks to Raven Form. If he were 10-20% slower in this form it could remove some of his oppressiveness in this regard making it harder for him to keep up with the enemy team making it easier for enemies to hide from him, this would also have the effect of making > actually a useful talent. The other idea I had to reduce Raven Form's power would be to cause it to reveal Medivh's location to the enemy, showing him on the mini-map, much like how Abathur hats or certain skills like Dragon Arrow have icons there. So Medivh can still have omnipresent vision but enemies would know he was coming and potentially evade his gaze and hide their movements from him that way. If revealing him removes too much off Raven Form's power, perhaps one of the Tier 1 Raven Form talents could, as an additional function, remove the reveal effect.

6. Make Arcane Rift quest less unforgiving – I'm sure elitists will hate this idea but why does Medivh's Q quest have to be more all-or-nothing than almost any other questing talent in the game? Medivh still wins games even without completing the quest, and he can still lose them even after completing it. It just cramps his playstyle until he's completed the quest, especially in non-competitive play. I propose 1) dying should only lose Medivh HALF of his current stacks. I also think that the quest reward should be slightly altered to make missing a Q less punishing, which should have a beneficial impact on his accessibility in non-competitive play. Completing the quest should have no effect on the cooldown reduction for hitting a Hero, but instead should just reduce the cooldown of Arcane Rift by 1 second. Basically the same net effect for hitting a hero with it, but slightly less punishing if Medivh wants to hit a wave, or misses.

Those are my ideas, hopefully this might give the devs something to consider.

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