Heroes of the Storm

Recent chinese hacking and drama

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Recent chinese hacking and drama

Sorry for my trash English, below is the post i send to blizzard i will just copy paste here to save my time.

Hi,im here on the behave of the community in China for HOTS, and i have some questions about the recent issue of hacking.

this is my profile :


im also an ex-pro player in ANZ(outlaw gaming)

ID: IBW#11596

So the drama starts with one of the streamer made a video Reporting the issue of hacker:


then after the video the same streamer went adding the hacker in the team and play with him while he is hacking. and then one of the many games he play with the hacker he got caught on some other stream:


then he clam he"dont know he is hacking, he told him to not hack cause he is streaming, and the only reason he play with him is to give him a second chance." but main while he is smurfing with the hacker and won multiple games already. then he clam in his video quote: "hacking is ok in quick match but is not ok in rank". then after I publicly post an "Twitte". he clam that he only want to get close to the hacker to get his hack and turn that in to NetEase(while NetEase is fully looking in to the issue already), then he publicly say that, he dont want to win the game, they dont have a support, and is all the hacker's fault. then today in the morning he posted quote :"that they already spoke to Brett Crawford and sent the hack to him and then the issue will be solved."


i will leave the hacking issue to Blizzard i believe you guys can fix this in the best way possible

the player 玖音羽Kuonhane(老年99), also publicly pushing elo-boosting and repesent "pro-player", but he only played less than 10 games in competitive, and his account has been elo-boosted by someone else (he accidently admit that he did elo-boost by someone else during conversation). and now he is the OB of gold league and "repesenting" NetEase at the moment.

there are more information that i can share but those two are the main concern the community have right now.

he trying to play the "im saving HOTS" card and as far as i know he is the only person who benifit from the hacker(rank points and other stat) and i believe people also hold evidence that he trying to get the hack and "sell" or "transfer" to other players, but knowing the consequences im not sure if they willing to give the screenshot of it, but i have seen them personally.

hope the problem will be solved soon and the guy will be punish.


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