Heroes of the Storm

Refreshing Nazeebos Talents

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Refreshing Nazeebos Talents

After seeing a few posts about Nazeebo I thought to make my own case for updating him. He absolutely works and is pretty balanced currently so why make changes and potentially break him? Our current version of Nazeebo was created in 2016 at the time that the first major reworks to less generic talent trees was being done. Design philosophy for talent trees was still being solidified and we can see that Nazeebos talents, while work, are a little dated due to it.

I do think that we will eventually get some changes mainly due to Ice Block being not only still present in the tree but dominating it. Removing Ice Block can destabilize his balance simply due to how much it is picked.

What I suggest below is to provide some tweaks that would hopefully address some design issues with his tree.

  • Remove the surprise of Voodoo Rituals application to Heroes and reduce slightly the power of Vile Infection.
  • Increase the presence of Plague of Toads both visually and to the late game if no talents for it are chosen.
  • Slightly shift the spider build focus to overwhelming the enemy and have the talents less dependent on each other. This is a call back to older Nazeebo game play.
  • Remove Ice Block but maintain the intended weakness to dive.
  • Open up late game talent choices to better support a variety of builds.

Credit to u/PhantomV13 for inspiration of base changes and Haunt.

Voodoo Ritual

  • Reward: After reaching 100 stacks of Voodoo Ritual the damage now applies to Heroes.

Plague of Toads

  • Each hop increases the explosion radius and damage by 10% up to 40%

Level 1 
  • Widowmakers: Increase the duration by of Corpse Spiders by 1 second. Whenever an enemy is killed while affected by Voodoo Ritual refresh the duration of active Corpse Spiders by .5 seconds. Quest: After Corpse Spiders attack Heroes 100 times, their attack damage is increased by 20%.

Level 4 
  • Hexed Crawlers: Hitting an enemy Hero with the initial Jar reduces the cooldown of Corpse spiders by 3 seconds. Corpse spiders restore 1% of Nazeebo's maximum Health and Mana when they attack an enemy Hero.

Level 7 
  • Toads of Hugeness: Removed

New Talent

  • Toad Affinity: Increase the damage and explosion radius of each hop to 20%. Each Toad that hits a Hero reduces Plague of Toads cooldown by 1 second.

Level 13 
  • Guardian Toads: Removed
  • Ice Block: Removed

New Talent

  • Jungle Fortitude: While Nazeebo has a summon active he gains 15 armor.

New Talent

  • Spirit Vessel: Active to become protected and be able to move through units and Zombie Wall for up to 3 seconds. While active taking more then 15% maximum health as damage ends this effect early. Recharge Spirit Vessel by gaining X stacks of Voodoo Ritual.

Level 16 
  • Spider Colony: Removed

New Talent

  • Infested Toads: When Plague of Toads hits an enemy it spawns a Corpse Spider.

Level 20 
  • Fury of the Storm: Removed
  • Vile Infection: Reward: After reaching 175 stacks of Voodoo Ritual its damage is increased to 167 over 6 seconds.

New Talent

  • Zombie Dog: Passive: Summon a Zombie Dog that assists Nazeebo. The Dog has X Health and deals X damage per second. Activate to sacrifice Zombie Dog, exploding it and dealing damage to Heroes equal to 10 percent maximum health. Zombie Dog respawns automatically after 20 seconds, if sacrificed and a Hero is hit this is reduced by 50%.

New Talent

  • Haunt: Reduce the cooldown of Zombie Wall by 4 seconds. Upon activation enemy Heroes inside Zombie Wall are feared for 1.5 seconds and receive X percent less healing.

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