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Rehgar: More Totems Level 4?

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Rehgar: More Totems Level 4?

Rehgar's kit has gotten more compact and interesting since his last major changes. However, outside Healing Totem, his level 4 options are pretty bland. Not weak power-wise, but in design & gameplay.

Stormcaller is a pure mana talent which gets the most value from being among minions. Feral Heart adds passive regen on the go. In combat… maybe it benefits running around a bit longer to get your mana faster? Both fall a bit on the solo-laning side and aren't too interactive. Rehgar has Rising Storm to reward his W getting multiple hits on Heroes, and any other Z talent speaks for itself, rewarding aggression as opposed to Feral Heart.

There's a good opportunity for more engaging and thematic choices, similar to Kharazim's level 4 allies. If you have any ideas, chip in.

The Simpler Ideas

These carry on mechanics from the current level 4 talents. A Mana element could be added to all, and faster ways to Recharge if the base cd was increased, which would make not only their placement and timing important, but also working to get them back faster.

Healing Totem: Same! 2% Heal per sec.

  • Mana: 50% bonus regen below 50% Health.
  • Recharge: 100% faster recharge below 50% Health.

Storm Totem: Lasts 5 seconds. Upon death, shields by 5% for every second it lasted.

  • Mana: Lightning Shield restores 5 mana per Hero hit.
  • Recharge: 5 sec per unique Hero damaged by Lightning Shield.

Feral Totem: 5% Basic Attack Lifesteal and 10% Speed.

  • Mana: 1% Mana per Basic Attack against Heroes, or bonus regen in Ghost Wolf form.
  • Recharge: 1 sec per Basic Attacks, takedowns refresh cooldown.

Totem Mastery – Storm Talent!

Base: Reduce the cooldown of your level 4 Totem by 50% and it now has 217 Health.

  • 1: You can choose between any totem. They share the same cooldown.
  • 2: Earthbind Totem also gains the selected totem's effect.
  • 3: Activate to spawn all three totems around Rehgar at a longer cooldown.

The Crazier Ideas

  • Earthen Shield Totem: Has high health and grants 20 Armor, but gets damage equal to that which it prevents. Rehgar already has the 'Earth Shield' talent tho, name-wise that's an issue.
  • Spirit Link Totem: Restores health to the lowest-health ally, plus a portion equal to the damage Rehgar receives. If he's the lowest health ally, he misses out on the extra healing.
  • Cloudburst Totem: Heal the lowest-health ally other than Rehgar for a portion of damage he deals. I prefer this to the above one. It's more 'reward your good plays' than 'reward & forgive poor plays', although it's still kinda interesting.
  • Wind Rush Totem: Grants movement speed… that's all!
  • Lighting Surge Totem: Summon a Totem that, upon expiration, shields nearby allies for X, plus Y% of the damage Rehgar dealt while it was active.

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