Heroes of the Storm

Reimagining the Tutorial as a solo campaign

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Reimagining the Tutorial as a solo campaign

The tutorial should be exciting, flavorful, and actually teach you the fundamentals of how to win the video game. It should also have a Heroic mode to entice the speedrunning community.

So here's my idea: You start as a reskinned Artanis who's supposed to be Fenix before his death. You get overrun by Zerg, similar to the fight against Arthas at the beginning of the Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne adventure in that there's no way to win. Should only take about 75 seconds. All this does is set the stage of the story and encourage you to, like, move around and use your abilities before dying.

You respawn as Fenix in the Nexus. Your mentor is Medivh instead of Uther. He teaches you the basics of mobility. It's basically an obstacle course that teaches you how to use your blinks to get over gaps. To get over some of the larger ones at the end, you have to use Medivh's Portals.

After you complete this introductory phase, the rest of it is kind of like an RPG where you defeat people one by one and have them join your party. First, Lúcio. He bolts around, and you have to hit your skill shots while avoiding him booping you into various death-traps. Then you play as Lúcio and have to heal E.T.C. while he fights off a bunch of zombies, and help him chase down a low-health Leoric. Penultimately, you play as E.T.C. and have to follow up one of Leoric's Entombs with a Mosh Pit. Finally, you play Leoric as a servant of the Grave Keeper to fight off against Orphea in the Towers of Doom.

Medivh has been following you this whole time, guiding you along the way. He reveals that he was the Raven Lord in disguise all along!

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For your final challenge, you have to win an actual match on Cursed Hollow vs. the Raven Lord (as Medivh) vs. various Dark Nexus heroes. You pick which Hero to play. Each one has various challenges. Play Fenix, the game explicitly directs you to lane against Alarak in the top lane. Play Orphea, you have to outdamage Gul'dan, etc. Each hero you beat this challenge with unlocks that hero, and if you win with all five, you unlock a Zealot-Fenix Artanis skin from the introductory prologue. Beating it with all five heroes on Heroic difficulty (your enemies get significant buffs, perhaps just faster experience gains by default, or they start at Level 4 or whatever) unlocks a Raven Lord Medivh skin.

Make the Tutorial fun and immersive and people will play it. The idea here is that it will teach people how to play with Heroes who require skill to interact with, such as Medivh with his portals and Lúcio with his speed boost. All the other three characters I picked have some form of CC in their ult (Entomb isn't exactly CC but it's still meant to be followed up on) to teach you the fundamentals of working with your team.

In the final battle, it you will learn that XP is the most important thing. Playing as Fenix or Leoric will direct you to a lane explicitly and make sure you learn how to soak. Orphea is the classic "kill stuff" character, Lúcio teaches you healing, and E.T.C. teaches you how to tank.

This is all just a sketch, of course. Obviously all the details are just to give you an idea.

TLDR: I really think that implementing a more immersive tutorial would be far more valuable than any matchmaking adjustments in terms of helping people feel like their teammates are actually on the same page as them when they play the game we love.

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