Heroes of the Storm

Remember, Lt Morales is the only trustworthy doctor in the Nexus

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Remember, Lt Morales is the only trustworthy doctor in the Nexus

While there are a lot of healers in the Nexus, the majority of them uses some questionable methods to heal their patients.

  • Lili uses alternative medicine with tea, several brews and zapping the life energy out of other people with her flying serpents.

  • Uther, Whiteman and Kharazim are using religion and the faith on their dieties. While the effects are remarkable, it's more likely that those healing capabilities are caused by illegal drugs, given that a lot of patients saw hallucinations of hands flying around them when close to death, reported the sighting of yellow glowing, etheral beings resembling the recently deceased or felt the random need to laugh manically.

  • Rehgar uses some shaman Mumbo Jumbo and carved, wooden figurines for his teammates.

  • Ana should not be trusted at all. She's a known thief, who stole her technology from Overwatch's Dr. Ziegler without her consent, she shoots her own teammates in the back and causes several punctuations and irritation of the skin with her darts. She even uses the same ammo for friends and foes, so you never know if you will feel better or break down in searing pain when she has her scope on you.

  • Brightwing heals you with the time and space bending magic of friendship and a green cloud of pollen, which might trigger all sorts of allergic reactions a few hours later.

  • Deckard throws around potions he has silently mixed together in his basement lab, without disclosing their ingridients or providing any data about prior tolerability studies.

  • Lucio plays an audio track from his latest album… Nothing more, nothing less. Altough the tune has a calming and relaxing effect during the battle, it damages your eardrums significally when he amps up the volume and causes dizziness and general weakness from blood loss and untreated wounds.

  • Malfurion is an other member of the alternative medicine group and sticks a few leafes he randomly found on the ground into your hair, before telling you to move on. Malicious Gossip has it that he smokes his own grass, because sometimes he stretches out his arms and pretends to be a plane. While cheerful to watch, the medical effects of this are rather questionable.

  • Tyrande is an other religious type person. While effective, she seems to have a sadistic mindset, piercing the bodies of her enemies with her arrows, before transfusing their blood into your body, without checking if the blood types are actually compatible.

  • Stukov heals you with strange Zerg viruses and bacteria. While effective, it can cause sudden and rappid growth of additional limbs, the loss of self, referring to oneself as The Swarm or permament fusion of the body with your clothes or vehicles.

  • Auriel uses the power of heaven and Hope. Although this trait wasn't be able to get measured or reliably repeatable in a lab, she is probaly one of the few non medics you can go to when being wounded. As an angel, we give her the benefit of the doubt.

  • Alexstrasza. She's fine…… what? Would you argue with a 3 floor sized dragon that her method of healing is invalid and may cause fith degree burns? Don't be ridicules.

All in all, visit Lt. Morales in case of emergency. She has visited a university, she has a doctor title and knwos the ins and outs of your body. Just don't forget to bring your UED insurance card.

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