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Replay review request

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Replay review request

Hello everyone! This is a followup to this post I made recently asking how I could improve and climb in ranked. This lovely community gave me a lot of suggestions that I've been trying to implement. A lot of comments told me to post some replays so they could see what exactly I do. So I've uploaded the first five Storm League games I played today. If anyone has some spare time on there hands I would immensely appreciate any insight you can give.

file - Replay review request

Game 1: Fairly straightforward win I think. I was Leoric laning vs Sonya. Held my own pretty well and my team did the same bottom. We won most teamfights and had some good coordination with engaging and retreating when we didn't need to fight anymore. I don't recall anything that stood out here.

file - Replay review request

Game 2: A loss on Cursed Hollow. I was Leoric once again. Both teams were relatively even the entire game until lvl 20. Our opponents capped bottom boss and pushed our fort, reaching lvl 20 slightly before we did. We set up to defend, but their Zagara initiated with a 4 man Devouring Maw on us, letting her team set up to wipe us and push core when we emerged. In hindsight, I think the best course of action would have been to back off and let them take our fort while I go clear a wave mid to get us to 20, then come back and defend our keep. Of course we should also be aware of the Maw and not clump together enough to get wiped by it.

file - Replay review request

Game 3: Loss as Leoric on Dragon Shire. I'm not quite sure when we started losing, but the game ended with our opponent pushing bot all the way to core while I tried to double soak top and mid so we could catch up on levels. I'm curious if I should have joined the defense. Generally, when the enemy is pushing I let my team defend 4v5, relying on the current Anomaly to make the fight even while I try to soak as much as I can.

file - Replay review request

Game 4: Win as Muradin on Towers of Doom. I had to fill tank, which is a role I also play frequently so I don't mind it. We were losing a bit early game, but we started to turn it around as the game progressed. I'm especially curious about what I did at the end. We were in top lane and we had taken their top tower. The objective was spawning mid and I pinged top merc camp and went to do it. I was already in the middle of taking it, assuming I would have help shortly, but my team raced down to the objective and initiated a fight. They lost 4v5 of course. Should I have ignored the camp when I saw that they weren't coming to help? We eventually won by forcing the enemy to fight us on boss as we threatened to end while a teammate captured an alter elsewhere.

file - Replay review request

Game 5: Loss with Leoric on Infernal Shrines. We were running main tank Imperius, which I don't think was an issue. I'm unsure where exactly we lost here. I know I died far too many times – their Deckard kept catching me in his sleep then I would get bursted down. We lost most shrines although we did win one that I think my teammates didn't push with enough – there were mercs and Sonya pushing on top and bottom and I said I would clear, yet two others came to defend as well. Was that the correct move on their part and if not, what should I have done? I had the best waveclear and I could outduel Sonya at this point so I should have been able to defend fine. We were losing on buildings though and I think that in order to win we needed to create a lot of counter-pressure with our Punisher.

Previously as an offlaner I had been trying to push one lane and force my opponent out, but in my last post I was told that it's more efficient to rotate around and clear waves/mercs instead of trying to push a lane, especially with the current Anomaly. I've been making an effort to do that today, and I've definitely seen improvement as far as my soak goes. Similarly, many people were telling me that W build Leoric works better than AA build, which I had previously been using. I'm not entirely convinced of that, but I've been trying it out.

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