Heroes of the Storm

Report system in this game is broken! And if u type anything than “good job” u are toxic! _D

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Report system in this game is broken! And if u type anything than "good job" u are toxic! _D

First of all welcome to my rant just got my main account banned that invest hours because people just report for anything basically.

I dont like u sneezing let me report, u picked the hero I was gonna pick? Uh Report!"

U tell me to go bot cause u can double soak?! No, no, no, gonna spend all game mid so u can't do it! And report you if u keep asking cause this is a single player game!"

"This kid isn't in our party and didnt fight with us in the 3v5 while they were 16 and we 14! Call him out and report!"

Literally thousands of stuff that happens and u get banned when other people call u out and u can't respond accordingly. Why? Because if one ape influences another ape is 2 reports against 1 and u get suspended or silenced and u cant do anything about it.

The report system is just what is going on with society where snowflakes are getting all the power and it's basically cancel culture at his best. There is no freedom when u can't try to get along with ur teammates. U talk to much trying to communicate it basically means u are toxic.

People even avoid typing in the chat because of this reason, everything is a report, there is no middle ground. Remember the old days in COD? They weren't good let me say but u had a choice to avoid it by muting it as u do in this game. Of course if a person persists with this behaviour u should get some punishmente. But its unbelievable how much reports and silences u get from literally nothing.
And if u appeal u wont get any luck.


This also affects ranked play because most smurfs start new accounts because they were suspended or banned. Meaning in bronze and in silver its normal for each game to have 1 or 2 smurfs. Or goldies/low plat that got their accounts suspended/banned( dont count this one has smurfs tbh).

It's just brakes the game, makes people not wanting to play.

Ah and another thing is the matchmaking. Yesterday was playing ranked and in 12 games I lost 3 or 4 not sure. And was on a winning streak, so what teammates do i get after a break? 4 guys with 1, 2 and 3 wins in 12 games and Im not kidding. This happened in 3 consecutive games like we are forced to play with bad players because u are winning a lot. What is the reasoning? This happens non stop and it affects decent players) because of course u can adjust and try to compensate their mistakes but its these types of guys with losing streaks that constantly flame, stay afk, dont communicate and feed and ruin drafts.

Either way this is my rant. I would like to see if Im in the wrong or if other people have the same complains…

Have a good day! 😀

PS: I'm salty because this is a perma ban and I got suspended before a couple months ago when I was starting to stream this game on twitch because I love the game and the community in general but it made stop wanting to stream because my main was constantly suspended.

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