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Okay in this game i got reported by 2 teammates maybe even 4 of them,im not sure. Our alarak said "im new to alarak,i might suck,sorry" at the start of the game. Game starts,falstad suicides and dies immediately. Later lucio does the same thing. I said "what are you doin lucio ?" and thats it.

The reason im saying these cuz im generally "the toxic" guy in the games cuz i just cant handle stupidity and i go crazy cuz i feel like this game is going to be waste of possible 20 minutes. And especially in this game i didnt flame. I tried not to say anything. I didnt really pay attention to their levels at the start of the game.

After 15 minutes ( i was both top siege and hero damage entire game also went to take every merc camp with the team all the time ) i decided not to stay with them and take stupid fights and die with them anymore. We had murky who wasnt coming to the fights anyway. And they flamed to me cuz i wasnt helping them. In which point game was already over. After the game i checked their profiles. All of them were low levels,they shouldnt be matching with me but they do ( which is not their fault ) and all of them had win rates less than %50. Meaning they lose more than they win,which most of them dont understand or accept.


There are so many reasons leading to this result but blizzard doesnt care anymore we have to deal with what we have. Those reasons combined ruining the experience and little fun that we have left ( especially no surrender option or mentality ) . Anyway those people decided to blame me and reported me. Alarak and lucio + possible murky and falstad too. Even tho i NEVER said anything to alarak or murky all game long. I check their profiles,all of them low levels,all of them low win rates, 1 of them was like %29 win rate or smth but they never follow pings,they never accept suggestions, they never think someone else might know better than they do, they never accept their mistakes and they never get better cuz they dont accept they can get any better. Now my account might get banned cuz of this game. Does report system work at the moment ? Is it functional ? Or is it abandoned ? Is there a possibility they read the reports collectively in the same game ? Cuz i also reported them and stated the fact that i got reported even tho i was clearly the best in my team. Best siege and hero damage all game long,best K+A and least deaths after murky also best XP contribution. I tried my ass of but team blamed me cuz i didnt die alongside them in the last 2 minutes of the game. Did any of you get banned recently ? Cuz i dont wanna get banned over this bullshit game.

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