Heroes of the Storm

Results of the Unoffcial Annual Character Poll

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Results of the Unoffcial Annual Character Poll

Hello everyone,

I recently conducted a poll that requests people to vote for the characters they want the most to be added into Heroes of the Storm. At this point, we have passed the one month mark on the poll and I feel like we have a solid set of results on our hands.

Here are the top 15 characters (in order):

  1. Baal
  2. Lilith
  3. Azshara
  4. Old God(s)
  5. Belial
  6. Vashj
  7. Vol’jin
  8. Cairne
  9. Archimonde
  10. Kil’jaeden
  11. Mannoroth
  12. Reinhardt
  13. Grommash
  14. The Overmind
  15. Cenarius

Honourable mentions:

Ysera, Hogger, Andariel, Khadgar, Bwonsamdi.

Link to the results:

Click here to view the results on the spreadsheet.

The next part is my personal thoughts, so you can skip it if you do not care.

Personal thoughts

First of all, I must thank each and every single one of the 547 people that participated since I could not have this without you. Obviously, this poll does not represent the entire player base, however, it is still a good overview of the general hype around the top voted characters.

Now I am going to rant 🙂 🙂 🙂

I seriously cannot understand how and why Lilith is rank 2 overall, while Rathma is rank 69 ( 😐 ) especially considering the fact that last year SHE WAS BELOW HIM. I am in complete disbelief as to why after the Diablo 4 cinematic everyone suddenly wants Lilith despite the fact that she literally does nothing.

Whether you like him or not, Rathma was without a doubt the most prominent character in the Diablo 4 opening cinematic last BlizzCon, while Lilith was the objective. Now, him being the most prominent character does not, and it does not by any means, force anyone to like him in any way.


However, when everyone and their puppy votes for Lilith when she did absolutely nothing in a cinematic, and as I said above, considering that last year she was below Rathma, why does she suddenly become the second most requested character?

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Let us think about it logically.
Since 2017, both Rathma and Lilith have been low in terms of votes, which means that despite them both being extremely important characters in the lore of Diablo, no one cares about them.
Diablo 4 cinematic is revealed.
Now, Rathma does almost everything in the cinematic (one would assume he was controlling the undead considering that he the very first necromancer and nephalem).
Brings his mother back.
She stares at him.


Like seriously, even if everyone suddenly decided to check ONLY Lilith’s lore after the cinematic, there is no way in hell (see what I did there) you can read the story of Lilith without knowing about Rathma. He plays such a huge role in her development as a character that it is impossible to properly read her story without knowing who he is.

However, you CAN know who Rathma is without ever hearing about Lilith. Not only has he been mentioned in every single freaking Diablo novel except one (Lilith is mentioned only in 4 + some comics no one read), but, he is additionally mentioned by almost every single Diablo necromancer in-game, and has multiple items and abilities named after him.

The only logical justification that I can think of for people to want Lilith over Rathma is because she is a demon with boobs. This is it.

Final thoughts

Finally, I would like to add that I am really happy with the outcome of this year’s poll. When I first began the poll in 2017 (in which I made 2018 one), we got over 3700 votes. Unfortunately, the next year, following the cancellation of HGC, the number dropped to 424 😐. However, this year's poll went beyond my expectations and we actually got 547 votes, which is always a good step in the right direction.

Again, thanks to all the participants for taking the time, and good luck.

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