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Returning player thoughts about Storm League

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Returning player thoughts about Storm League

Hi all,

i started playing at the beginning of the beta and played for about 2 years or a little more i think. Then i stopped and played other games, one of these being League of Legends.

I returned playing Hots since about a week i think and i noticed a lot of things changed and some of them i think positive and others negative in my opinion. I will not cover every point but i want to focus to one single point that hit me the most. What concerns me a lot actually is the state of the ranked mode, that now is called Storm League.

I noticed than now you can choose two roles, similiar to League of Legends. When i saw this i was very happy, i said to myself: "nice, now there is no more confusing or fighting in the draw and selection time for who plays what." Then i started my first placement ranked match and i immediatly noticed that the role selection is totally useless. Everyone can chose everything and, top of all, there is no pick order, like League of Legends. My disappointment immediatly reached a peak level. In League of Legends you chose two roles, one primary and one secondary and i think about 90% of the time (maybe more) you will be assigned to your main role and in rare cases your secondary role. So what's the point of role chosing if there is no binding to them? It seems that every one want to play ranged assassin and that's it.


There are plenty of good stuff in this game though but i think that the mode i wanted to play the most is the worst of them all. Quick matches are pointless for what concerns almost everythings but at least you can pick the hero that you actually want to play, but the game experience is so bad that i find almost no fun in it. I really wanted to play ranked but unless i pick a tank or a healer (and i don't mind picking them) the game will turn in a role mess, or a pointless fight in hero selection.

It wouldn't be better to, at least, set a pick order like League of Legends from top to bottom? So you have to respect at least an order an pick what needed. Obviously most of the time the last 2 will have to pick tank and healer but at least this way there will be more order i think.

Sorry if i made some language mistakes, english is not my first language.


Why there is role selection on ranked mode if you aren't actually assigned to one of them like happens in League of Legends and there is no pick order but everything is open?

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