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Rewind is ridiculous and needs to be removed.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Rewind is ridiculous and needs to be removed.

This was supposedly solved years ago. I can't believe that the same company that made World of Warcraft, that had to deal with the clown fiesta that was Rogues "Preparation", doesn't seem to understand that an on demand reset of all of your best moves is a dumb idea to have in this game. There were ENTIRE MOVIES DEDICATED TO SHOWING YOU WHY HAVING ON DEMAND ABILITY RESETS IN PVP IS AN AWFUL IDEA.

The only "rewind" like abilities that should be in the game are the ones that reset off a condition like Li-Ming when she kills people. No one should have a button as versatile as rewind as part of a talent pick.

Rewind is like the Assassin/Bruisers version of Cleanse. No matter what talent tier it's on, no what the cooldown is, it's always the most powerful and picked option in its tier. It's so powerful that the ultimate version of rewind is MASSISVELY picked over void prison – and Void prison is considered one of the best ultimates in the game.

Every single character that has rewind has entire builds gutted because they have to pick rewind on a talent tier that most often has a capstone talent for another build – that's often worse because to do that build you have to pick it over rewind. Often, Rewind makes whatever build you were going to do better than its capstone, because Rewind just makes your entire character better overall. That's just bad game design.

It's just too good. Take Anub'arak. What's the point of his level 20s? Can anyone tell me what they do? Survivability? Rewind lets you do double exo. Need CC? Rewind lets you stun lock multiple people for way longer than anything else. More damage? Rewind. Everything that talent tier could of done, rewind does way better, and has a really low cooldown. If Rewind made every ability you had do 0 damage for the next 5 seconds, people would still pick rewind over anything else in that tier. That's how absurd rewind is.


And this would be fine, except rewind gives way to some of the most frustrating situations in the game. The characters that most often get a rewind talent are also the ones that have a blink of some sort. Does Zeratul really need 4 to 5 blinks to do his job? They had to nerf wormhole to the ground over and over again, along with his voidslash talent, when in reality it just has to do with the fact that Zeratul has his stupidly overpowered rewind talent. Does someone really need five stuns? Because with rewind, there's a character that can stun you four to five times, with no diminishing returns. Hell, even World of Roguecraft had to manipulate the CC chain to account for that and medallion.

Just get rid of it. It's bad enough that Supports and Healers have to deal with always picking Cleanse. But it's frankly maddening that the characters with abusable blinks and stuns seem to only be viable because of Rewind allowing them to spam their blinks and stuns. Characters that are only viable if they have rewind is just bad game design in general, and it should be fixed. What's even dumber is that Momentum, an ability that's worse than Rewind in every single way possible, was also nerfed flat into the ground and mostly removed. But rewind remains?

It seems to be just in the game to allow a select few of the cast pretend that they're in a League of Legends champion spotlight.

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