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Rework Abathur

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Rework Abathur

Having Abathur in games takes the fun out of HoTS for me.

The hero is very strong among good teams (near-permaban in high ranks), and in QM any decent Abathur gives the team a huge advantage with a mostly PvE non-interactive style. Any game you load in against Abathur is going to feel like a slog, and even if you win it won't be a lot of fun.

People talk about the hat build with Illidan/Tracer/whatever, but the core power issue is honestly the global soak he provides. Any decent PvE abba player will get his team massively ahead in XP in the same way TLV will, except with less risk since vikings are at least killable. It's the safety of the hero (outside of meme kills), combined with the instant global rotations that makes aba strong. Split pushers traditionally have to take a risk of getting ganked in order to push towers or get distant globes . Teamfighters traditionally have to take risks in order to engage in a teamfight. Abathur never has to do either, and he moves too seamlessly between both roles. The XP globes were a huge buff to him since he can safely soak multiple lanes while still giving presence in 1v1s or the teamfight when he needs too.

His teamfighting presence isn't bad with clone ult or a melee assassin comp, and even if his team does lose the teamfight, it's not super impactful compared to typical champions because he can instantly rotate to another lane and push it while your team has to heal, mount up, take the objective, etc. Even if you win the TF you still end up losing out on siege damage as often as not since he's already split pushing and soaking while you're recovering or grouped.


Heroes like D.Va are broken right now, but she's actually a lot more fun to play against. You can interact with her and play the game against her. She can make good plays or bad ones, dodge abilities or get hit. It's possible for her to make a bad play and die for it. Aba doesn't have any of that. It's too much of a PvE hero and never really interacts with the opponents or makes plays. I'd rather have a bunch of broken D.Va type champions over Aba in the current game environment.

This hero really should be made unviable until they can rework him. Start with a 10s baseline cooldown on his hat, and change it so he dies if the hat target is a hero and it dies. Then make his abilities around that baseline. It would turn him into a bit of a Yummi, and make the Abathur player take actual risks.

In general, I think people play MoBAs to fight enemies (that's not the win condition but it's what people enjoy), and a lot of the skill in a MoBA is positioning and movement. An unkillable hero who doesn't move or position just doesn't belong in the game really. Certainly not in a useful state.

In SL you can just ban it (and you probably always should if you think it might be played), but you could say that about any badly designed hero and it doesn't make them a good idea to have in HoTS.

I can see what they were going for, but it's a failed experiment.

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