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Rexxar Camp Clear Math

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Rexxar Camp Clear Math

My kneejerk was that Rexxar got a huge boost to his camp clear but I don't think that's quite right after doing the math.

I'm assuming Easy Prey/Aspect of the Beast/Wildfire Bear since those are the talents that most help his camp clear.

Easy Prey is now likely the clear choice at level 1 because it adds essentially the same amount of waveclear through your W alone as Bird of Prey does through your Q– Easy Prey adds 225 damage to W vs minions on a 10 second CD, Bird of Prey adds 212 damage vs minions on a 7 second CD. Factor in that Easy Prey gives Misha armor and an extra 75 damage per Misha attack and works against mercs as well as minions– I don't think it's a very close call now.
He got a slight net nerf to AA damage against Easy Prey targets where both Misha and Rexxar are attacking. Numbers from https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Misha; all are unscaled and rounded.

Previously with Easy Prey:Rexxar did 99 damage per attack, or 86 damage per second (attack speed .87/sec)Misha did 62*2.5=155 damage per attack, or 129 DPS (attack speed .83/sec)for a total of 215 AA DPS from both.

Now with Easy Prey:Rexxar does 125 damage per attack, or 109 DPS.

Misha does 50*2.5=125 damage per attack, or 104 DPS.

for a total of 213 AA DPS from both.

So we lost 2 DPS net on camp clear where both Rexxar and Misha can AA constantly– not a big deal but not a buff either.

The bigger buff to his camp clear is going to be from tripling the damage on Charge. Previously with Easy Prey Charge did 150 damage per charge, or 15 DPS.


Now it does 375, or 37.5 DPS.

The change to Aspect of the Beast means that where previously you were casting Charge about every 5 seconds, now you'll be casting it about every 6 seconds, so that mutes the effect a bit– previously casting Easy Prey/Aspect charges on cooldown added 30 AOE DPS to your camp clear and now they add 63 AOE DPS.

Since Easy Prey got better, Wildfire Bear gets way more attractive if you care about camp/boss clear speed– it adds 70 AoE DPS against Easy Prey targets.

Dire Beast bonus should stack additively with Easy Prey, not multiplicatively, so it will add 225/cast now against Easy Prey targets assuming you're getting full stacks on cooldown (you are if you're autoing constantly with Aspect, barely), meaning that it's worth 23 DPS without Aspect and 34 DPS with. That's a lot worse than 70 from Wildfire.

I get a total unscaled DPS of 213 (Easy prey AA)+20 (from Q)+63 (W on CD with Easy Prey and Aspect)+70 (Wildfire Bear)=366 DPS against easy prey targets post-patch, or 296 DPS without Wildfire Bear.

Compare that to 215+20+30+70 before and we were at 335 DPS, or 265 without Wildfire Bear.

So basically, with Wildfire Bear we netted about 9% camp clear speed, and without it we netted about 12% camp clear speed.

I can't immediately find boss HP scaled values– anybody have these, or even merc HP scaled values by time?

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