Heroes of the Storm

Rich and Gen.G (No details)

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Rich and Gen.G (No details)

Rich wanted to tell you some news as he had meeting with Gen.G.

However, until Gen.G announces officially, Rich and I can't tell you anything.

Also his teammates' news needs to be told after Gen.G's official announcement.

I'm sorry there's nothing to tell.

And Rich's personal news is that I'm sure Rich will bring positive news for his future plans.

I heard a glimpse of it and really think he can make good plans.

I can't tell you in detail but I'm sure something will be decided soon.

About YouTube, many of you might be disappointed with the fact that few HoTS videos were uploaded recently.

As Rich said through his YT community, he can't upload only HoTS videos.

He is planning to upload various game videos, and LoL is surely included.

It's quite fun, so you can enjoy those videos as well. (Tho I don't play LoL, his videos help me with understanding LoL)

But don't worry, we are still planning on uploading HoTS videos as well.

About his Twitch stream, I saw lots of people asked for HoTS in his stream.

I think Rich is still suffering that no-league-shock, so it will be really hard for him to play HoTS for a while.


But he will play. He still thinks HoTS has its own strength and entertaining stuffs.

(He didn't uninstall HoTS. He uninstalled only tournament and PTR server, which means he still has Live server.)

Visit his stream even if there's no HoTS. That really helps Rich.

Well, actually there's nothing new, but I think Pros' news are important thing to tell.

If something gets more clear, I'll comeback with good news.

+ For those who didn't subscribe Rich's YT yet,


+ Rich's Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/gengrich1

Rich's Twitter : https://twitter.com/RichHots

Rich's Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gengrich1

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