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Role specific abilities?

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Role specific abilities?


as I was playing FFXIV and mindlessly grinded levels, I started thinking about HotS. One thing I took note of is how in FFXIV every role has specific abilities that each class in that role can use. For example, there are 4 tank classes, but everyone of these has access to some tank specific skills, which are availiable to tanks.

That got me thinking that something similiar like this could make sense in HotS as well, to increase the viability of every hero in each category, especially tanks, as these skills would be something universally useful to each role.

This is what I got to after a quick brainstorming session in the morning:

Every Tank gains an ability to become unstoppable for 1 second. Talents that give Unstoppable reduce cooldown of this ability or are reworked into something new. Jojo is strong enough as is, so she gets collaterally nerfed. ( Or gets improved duration on her Unstoppable, .5 secs? )

Every Healer gains an ability to regain 20% of their casting resource while in combat for atleast 3 seconds. Having the condition of combat makes this ability less of a mana regen buff and more of a pick me up for extended fights, where some healers can't compete with others due to mana costs. This would give high mana cost healers a last chance to change the tides of a fight.

Every Ranged Assassin gains an ability to increase their movement speed by 15( 20? )% for 2-3 seconds. This would make kiting easier for basic attack based heroes and gives some escape tools to mages that are a sitting duck otherwise.

Every Bruiser gains an ability to make their next basic attack within 3-5 seconds slow their target for 30%. Since squishies get faster, Bruisers have a harder time sticking to then. This should provides some additional sticking power to bruisers who commit hard for their engage or flank cleverly enough to get in melee range with the squishies.


Ever Melee Assassin gains an ability to ignore the effects of slows for 1.5 seconds. One of the most depressing sights to see for me is a Butcher charging into a mispositioned Jaina, only to be slowed into eternity and beyond, not getting a chance to apply his abilities so he can stick. A Stun or root is still going to knock him out, but this way Melee Assassins like him have a chance to counteract soft cc thrown at them.

Finding an ability that could be universally powerful for Supports can be very hard, since they fulfill different niches. One suggestion I'd have is to increase their damage to minions for 7 seconds by 50%, but Medivh would lose out on that. Another thought was giving every Support a shield for X amount, but I scrapped that quickly. I think since the sample size for support isnso small, every support could gain an ability that fits their hero better, or even take some abilities from the heroes above.

Zarya could gain the healer ability, for a burst of damage.

Medivh could gain the bruiser ability, to have a form of soft cc like most of his Warcraft magey peers.

Abathur could gain the ability the ability to gain 10% spellpower for 3 seconds, usable for when he predicts mine entry or wants to commit for a kill with Symbiote. Unusable during ultimate evolution.

Vikings could gain an ability that increases their damage against Minions by 30( 50? )%, so that they can try and join a teamfight for once. Longbow Raid power!

These are of course not thought through incredibly well, but I think they wouldn't break the game if every hero of that role had those abilities. It would open up design space for tanks that don't have to have an unstoppable talent, for example. It could give Garrosh a lvl 4 talent tier!

What do you think? Is this very idealistic, or actually worth some thought?

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