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Good day Redditors, As many of you heard, Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, more commonly known as "HGC", is no more. It saddens me that Activision Blizzard has just eliminated such an exciting esport without any notice. After reading many articles, the news of HGC cancelation was kept quiet from the employees as well. But we are not here to discuss the ‘evils’ of Activision, or whatnot… Today, I am here to discuss Running With Turtles’ future. Running With Turtles is a North American gaming community that was originally created solely for “Heroes of the Storm” players to come together, discuss HotS, and party up with familiar people instead of queuing up with randos. I plan to continue the original idea, to seek out HotS player who wish to keep this game alive. The RWT HotS teams are not going anywhere. We will continue to grow, practice, scrim, and compete in competitive scenes. I will openly admit that many of the players were in shock to hear the news from Blizzard, but I do not believe our drive and motivation will diminish.

November 10th 2018, RWT hosted “Battle For The Nexus,” a single day tournament, casted by some of the most notable HotS casters. This tournament caught a lot of interest from the amateur scene. We constantly receive questions of interest about the event, maybe because it is a single day tournament or maybe because we ran this tournament out of the love we have for the game and the players… Either way, we caught the interest of Broken Alliance’s HotS Captain, Met. BxA won the first BftN and Met contacted me right away afterwards wanting to help us expand the tournament and the RWT community. How could we ever turn this opportunity down? Met is a legend and a role model in the Heroes of the Storm community. With a month away for the next BftN, which is January 12th, we learn that HGC is no more… So, what does this mean for BftN? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! We actually just doubled our prize pool and increased the tournament size to 16 teams and double elimination. We refuse to let HotS die. BxA is still signed up to compete and we want you to sign up as well. BftN is one of many tournaments in the HotS community that will continue and so should you. We need to make Blizzard regret canceling HGC.

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What are our future plans, some may ask? Well, as I mentioned before, Met contacted us right away. Before I knew it, I was in a group chat with 10 other people from Heroes Hearth, Heroes Hype, Nexus Gaming Series, Broken Alliance, and so on… We will be discussing a way for us to save the pro-scene. RWT asks that you please wait patiently, as all the gaming communities unite. We have an amazing plan to put into motion to can restore the pro-scene.

Love you all, no matter what walk of life you came from, HotS has brought us all together. We are a family, and family matters most in a time of need. So be there for one another and do not give up. I hope to see you in the Nexus.

Thank you, Slavik Owner/Founder of Running With Turtles Gaming Community Discord: discord.gg/gMug6DN Battle For The Nexus: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2019728842078371840/information

p.s. Quick shout out to the following casters who helped us for the first ever Battle For The Nexus: Bahamut https://www.twitch.tv/bahamutgaming Gravesville https://www.twitch.tv/gravesville Murda https://www.twitch.tv/murdarg GhostDunk https://www.twitch.tv/ghostdunk Thank you for your support and all of your help. Without you guys, Battle For The Nexus could not have ran as smoothly as it did. You guys are amazing, thank you!!!!

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