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Saboteurs in the ranking mode

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Dear Blizzard

During the last AMA session you said you wanted to improve the players' education system. I am very happy because the level of knowledge and skills of players in HOTS is very low. However, you can not teach someone who does not want to learn, does not want to become better, does not want to WIN.
At first there will be some digression (offtop)

I have 10,377 games on the main account. I am an experienced player, I have a lot of theoretical knowledge about the game, but I lack the manual skills, for this reason I am not a master. In 2019, the level of gameplay decreased drastically. This is due to the withdrawal of HGC. At the same time, the ARAM mode has become more and more popular. Unfortunately, players started to play ARAM in each game mode, meaning a few-minute fight on one alley. What's more, everyone who plays differently is often considered a troll. Because of this, I got two locks in the main account, so I set up a second account so I would not risk perm-ban.
Main content

Your system of assigning new players to rank probably works. In QM mode I managed to get 76% WR, in the ranking mode the system assigned me to rank bronze 1. I thought that I would see what it is like to climb in the rankings, I would make my private event "from bronze to master". I meet a lot of players weaker than I am, but I'm not surprised and I'm not angry. Among them there are many who are kind, polite and want to cooperate, they want to win. They do not care about minor failures, they play until the end, they do not give up. Very often, I honestly wrote "GG WP", "nice team work", etc. Sometimes I talked to some people after the match, I gave them advice (I encourage all of them, if you have knowledge, share this knowledge with others).


Unfortunately, there are also many players who like to lose. I do not understand what can be pleasant in losing. However, there are those who either like it or it is completely indifferent to them. There are so many players, too many. Some give up after 4 minutes, encourage other players to leave the game and they do it themselves. There are those who after seeing a hero in draft write "fast lose and go next" and they do everything to lose. Others, when they do not like something, choose their worst hero and practice trolling. There are also those who pay more attention to writing, insults than on the game. These are saboteurs, they can not be described differently.

Below I paste a few screenshots (only from today 22/06/2019), on which you can see statistics of saboteurs that I got to the team.


I know that it is the level of gold, that gold is of low rank, but there are so many such people. On average, in every third match I meet in my team. If there is one I can win, but if there are two or three it is the end.

On the other hand, it is only gold. From experience in the main account, I know that the same players will meet on platinum and diamond. From watching the stream I know that there are also many players on the master level who do not care about winning games. It scares me and saddens me and makes me lose my playing pleasure. Once again, I am not disturbed by someone who makes mistakes, who is weaker and in general is 45% WR, but I hate trolls and saboteurs who play the ranking mode, spoil others with the pleasure of the game only for that they can. My request to Blizzard, do something, enter bigger bonuses or bigger penalties, I do not know. Do it so that players who want to play 4fun choose modes: ARAM and QM, while players who want to win choose the modes: ranking and unranking. I know it's just a game and it's always fun but sometimes I want to fool myself and play QM, and sometimes I want to feel a bit of competition and I can not.

Team HOTS, thank you for your work. I believe that you can do it.

Best wishes, Mezjasz.

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