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#SaveHots My suggestion: Heroes Of the Storm 3.0

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - #SaveHots My suggestion: Heroes Of the Storm 3.0

Before getting into it, even if don't like all my ideas, upvote this post so devs can read your comments.

Even when I liked Hots2.0, is obviously a bad business model and now is the perfect time to reworking so we can have HGC back for 2020, (pls) this is my suggestion, from someone who plays others games.

  1. Remove all ability to buy loot boxes, I will say keep then just as a reward for progression, exactly as its now(since no one buys it), but remove all ways to buy it, and make the Stim/Boost your default business model.
  2. Make Stim/boost a season "Stim/Boost Pass" thing with the same bonus and add a Battle pass feature to it, you dont have to work so hard on it, just throw 5 or 6 Skins, 1200crystals, 2000shards, and fill slots with sprays other collections in a 100lvl progression. (bonus): Make some of those skins fan petitions so ppl will be more hyped about it.
  3. Make ALL SKIN AND MOUNTS (no seasoned) purchasable all time with crystals so ppl can use the crystal earned in the Stim/Boost pass, you can reduce the crystals price of skin a little bit to match the crystals you are giving.
  4. Reduce the price of the heroes in both currency so ppl can invest in them, or just make then all free already, ppl would buy Skinpacks and BoostPacks way more easily if they aren't wasting so much in heroes. (I personally think reducing the price in both currencies so the maximum for new heroes is like 7k golds or 400crystals is enough but many ppl with say free is just way better)
  5. Release a guild raid system and/or a High anticipated heroe like Deathwing with it.
  6. Make a big announcement explaining that you want help of the community in this new model so you can bring back HGC , yes, big companies most of the time are afraid to ask the community when so many amazing games are being funded in places like GoFundMe and other, next time try to ask.
  7. Watch it succeed.
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I'm pretty sure just the big announcement of this will bring everyone back, get a handful of new one, and this time ACTUALLY KEEP THEM, since the business model will be better than other games, and heroes won't be so extremely hard to get as before, that is the main problem for new players.

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