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Say what you will about Blizzard, they did a darn good rework on Sylvanas.

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Say what you will about Blizzard, they did a darn good rework on Sylvanas.

Yeah everything sucks. HGC was one of those things I sat back and watched with some pizza when I was home alone. It's great and I severely miss it. Idk what to say about it other than I miss it.

Regardless, I feel as if Sylvanas' new rework not only fixes her problems, it transformed her into an actually useful hero.

Let's start off with her trait. It did zip on heroes, and was kinda relevant with lanes but rocked on forts and keeps. Now, it actually makes her useful in a team fight. It keeps her in, and nobody realizes it but she can burst down a tank or support so fast now. Of course shes still likely to get her teeth kicked in, but it's glorious using her trait now. The 40 second cool down is perfect for the pushes you need. Your team almost automatically goes when it is off cool down. It's natural. My only critique would be that there needs to be more specifications as to what is a 'elite mercenary' as apparently the Samurai on Hanamura are, meaning it's less useful to defend on that map.

I kid you not, I literally used the Q in the same way before the rework. Doing this merely makes her much more scary in a fight, and effective when fighting in a lane. It also clears lanes while not being too costly. I like it and the talents it has.


The W paired with her healing talent is legit the most beautiful self-sustain I've ever seen. Slap it on a building, toss your trait on, and never die. For a little while though. Also really effective in team fights as it spreads damage FAST.

Her E stayed the same. Still like it but nothing new.

Her arrow ult is the same.

Her other ult is interesting. It's really just a taunt. That's it. A skillshot taunt. It's nice but eh. It's playmaking. Use it on a Genji and he'll likely get hurt a lot (unless you run into double supports with him 🙁 )

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Overall her talents seem pretty good. If you focus on auto attacks, you'll use your q a lot. I never feel like there's a lot of difficulty personally choosing my main build with varying options, but some talents are always gonna be more effective than others and I'm definitely not a pro so I'm not exactly going to be able to utilize all the talents all the time.

Overall, she is really good. She's somewhat auto-attacker, somewhat burst mage. A blind cripples her but then again a lot of heroes have the same.

Again, Blizzard can do whatever, but when they nail a rework, they really nail it. What're your thoughts?

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