Heroes of the Storm

Scrapped early versions of maps with different mechanics still buried within the game files

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Scrapped early versions of maps with different mechanics still buried within the game files

I recently found and used CASCExtractor to pull out the assets/client facing code from the game files (I was inspired by /u/Spazzo965 's constant posts detailing undocumented changes, etc. from the game files)

I'll go through what I found on maps here. These files ALSO detail the objective spawn pattern and firing pattern for each map (though most maps also have a random component), though these have already been described elsewhere with a couple of changes to e.g. Garden of Terror and Battlefield having happened since those sites were last updated.

The tool I used to extract these files:


"Heaven & Hell" (under heavenhell.stormmod) appears to be a very early unfinished version of Battlefield of Eternity. Notable difference here (as found in file LibMLHH.galaxy) is that weapon racks appeared to spawn for both sides, giving some sort of upgrade, presumably, to players' Heroes ala Diablo.

There's not a lot here, there is a mechanism for spawning "GiantDemons" also.

Starcraft (starcraft.stormmod) appears to be an early version of Braxis Holdout. It even still has the clickable arcade machine easter egg in the corner that's in Braxis.

However instead of the objective being a Zerg Wave it appears to be a Psi Relay Projectile:

trigger lib566061C9_gt_MMSCPsiRelayProjectileEntersMap; 

The projectile is defended by a group of SC Marines. There's a lot to the code here that's hard for me to figure out and this file doesn't contain everything by itself. It appears it might be functioning like the current Hanamura Payload?

Warcraft (warcraftdata.stormmod)

Objective is different from what we ended up getting, Alterac Pass. Amusingly it does still have the gnoll camps and bosses though, which the gnolls tellingly are referred to as TerranFirebat! As we already knew they literally are just reskinned firebats.

void lib7EB401DE_gf_WarcraftSetPlayerFaction (int lp_player, int lp_faction); void lib7EB401DE_gf_InitializeSpiritHealerForTeam (unit lp_spiritHealer, int lp_team); void lib7EB401DE_gf_InitializeHellbatMercType (int lp_campType, fixed lp_initialSpawnDelay, fixed lp_respawnTime); void lib7EB401DE_gf_InitializeMountainGiant (int lp_campType); 

Not much more to the mechanics that I could find, there is a debug method for switching faction between horde and alliance interestingly but that may not mean anything, except that the SpiritHealer presumably may resurrect you upon death (there is also code appearing to manually prevent Vikings from being resurrected by a SpiritHealer).

An easter egg with a spirit healer survived into Alterac in its current form.

Overwatch (overwatchdata.stormmod)

Early version of Hanamura. Similar to old Hanamura complete with methods for the old boss that could eat Heroes, EXCEPT no payloads at all. Tons of merc camps everywhere including the heal pack, turrets, but also one item/player upgrade that didn't make it into the game: SpiritDragons.

// Trigger Declarations trigger libOVER_gt_ScalingTimerExpires; trigger libOVER_gt_BossEatsPlayer; trigger libOVER_gt_PlayerPicksUpHealingPulse; trigger libOVER_gt_PlayerDiesWithHealingPulse; trigger libOVER_gt_BioticEmitterScaling; trigger libOVER_gt_PlayerPicksUpDragonSpirits; trigger libOVER_gt_PlayerDiesWithDragonSpirits; trigger libOVER_gt_PlayerCreatesTurretFromMapMechanicAbility; trigger libOVER_gt_PlayerPicksUpTurretItem; trigger libOVER_gt_PlayerDiesWithTurretItem; trigger libOVER_gt_MercCampKilled; trigger libOVER_gt_MercCampCaptured; trigger libOVER_gt_ItemSpawned; trigger libOVER_gt_CreateOrderItemInteractGoal; trigger libOVER_gt_CreateChaosItemInteractGoal; trigger libOVER_gt_ShowMapMechanicButton; 

Map objective patterns:

I could go through all of these, except that someone else already did this hard work and explained it way better than I could for most of them. The site isn't online any more but you can access it on the Internet Archive. I cannot understate how great this resource is. Probably few enough players understand the Cursed Hollow tribute spawn pattern, but even fewer understand the Towers of Doom pattern (5th, 6th, and 10th spawns are 100% predictable) or Sky Temple pattern after the 2nd or 3rd (6th spawn, in particular, can usually be predicted exactly once the 5th spawn is known). It even has the Warhead nukes pattern but as this isn't a ranked map I haven't bothered to learn it.


Minor corrections and things that have changed since the mechanics on that site were last updated:

(I'll mostly exclude merc camp timings, some of these have changed but they still always spawn at 1min except 5min for bosses and you can always hover over the minimap and see the timer anyway now if they're not hibernating due to an objective pushing).

Infernal Shrines

This is actually describedly slightly incorrectly (or the code was entirely changed and overwritten for this section since the author wrote that part).

The first lane and punisher type are completely random. However, the punisher can NEVER repeat the same type twice in a row (not even a 0.015% chance as the source states). There is indeed, however, a tiny chance of repeating the same lane. By my calculations, 0.0085%: vs. the author's result of 0.015%.



(Probability of having at least one of punisher type or lane being the same in 15 draws multiplied by the total of the conditional probability 2/5 i.e. punisher type is different given lane type is the same, plus an infinite sum describing the cumulative probability of eventually landing on a case where lane type is different but punisher type is the same, given a reroll every time the punisher type is the same).

Battlefield of Eternity: There is a patch note about this, at some point in 2018 the objective was changed to follow a completely scriped pattern for the first one (Angel always bot, demon always top, for the first half, then angel right, demon left for the second half).

Additionally there is no longer anything special about the second objective, and in general for the 2nd+ objective the first phase is completely random among all 4 possibilities for one immortal, with the other always being on the opposite side, then the second phase is always randomly one of the 3 remaining possibilities (it always has to move during halftime).

When it refers to the Immortal always pushing the "strongest enemy lane," this is actually calculated by looking at the exact HP total of all structures at each fort complex (everything including the fountain but NOT including only the side walls). It always pushes the lane for the one complex with more HP, even if it's only a difference of 1HP. If it's a tie, it chooses randomly which to push, EXCEPT if both are COMPLETELY destroyed (even the fountain! Important.) Only in that case does it apply the same comparison for the two keep complexes. If both are destroyed or at the same HP in general, then it chooses randomly which lane to push.

So, you could manipulate the lane the immortal pushes by backdooring a keep or part of its wall (which so long as part of a fort complex is alive has no impact on which lane the immortal pushes) and/or leaving a fort fountain alive (although usually minions/mercs/Immortal will kill the fountain before moving any farther).

This exact pushing logic also applies to which lane the Braxis Holdout boss pushes

Braxis Holdout:

The information on the thresholds for getting each incremental part of the Zerg wave is outdated. In particular, both teams now always get at least one ultralisk even if at 0%, and the max is 3 per team.

Also, the lane each zerg wave is going to push is random for the first one and revealed at 1:00. The zerg holding pens per team then always rotate with every subsequent objective.

Garden of Terror:

This objective has changed to basically Cursed Hollow from when this was made. The pattern appears to follow the Cursed Hollow rules, EXCEPT the first seed is always at 2:30 rather than 3:00 for Cursed Hollow and most other objectives (with the warning being at 2 minutes), despite the high number of camps that all come online right at minute 1.

Another EXCEPTION: The first seed of the game always spawns on the bottom half of the map in any of the 3 columns, unlike Cursed Hollow where it can be on either half but is always in the mid column. This may give a small advantage to the left side team (bruiser camp is bot/can be pushed with by the team during the first objective while left side siege potentially split pushes top).

Also, the time between seeds is a random variable from only 20s to 50s, with an extra delay of 40s before the next seed after the night event finishes (much faster than the delay between Cursed Hollow tributes).


This has changed completely of course. There's only one payload now, spawning at 3 minutes. The game code describes the firing pattern and pattern for where you have to push it too, perhaps I'll get into that in detail in another post some time.

There is also no support camp and no boss camp any more, etc.

Alterac Pass

(Original contribution by me upon examining the code in LibMMAP.galaxy, though this information I believe has also independently been documented elsewhere):

Wasn't around when the site was last updated.

The siege camp (3 reskinned firebats) has a 1:30 respawn time (so be at and do it right when it spawns at minute 1, then again before contesting the objective)

Objective spawns at minute 3. The first objective location is random between halves of the map (the side you're trying to capture of course is always on the enemy side of the map), then subsequent objectives spawn a random amount of time from 110 to 150s after the previous one is cleared, except that the time for objectives after the first is shorted by 2s per minute on the game clock (as calculated at the time the previous one is cleared).

Subsequent objectives always alternate halves of the map.

The first objective takes 30s to capture, then each subsequent objective goes up by 10s each time (to a max of 50s).

There are always 2 defenders preventing you from capping the objective at the start, then after it is captured an additional one spawns every 5 seconds unless there are already 4 (the max).

These defenders take 6 seconds to recapture the objective on their own but do not stop the clock while they are attempting to do this, while Heroes do it in 3 seconds and the clock is stopped while they're attempting to stop the capture.

Source: Original link

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