Heroes of the Storm

SCV Pilot – SCV Support Hero

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - SCV Pilot - SCV Support Hero

SCV Pilot – SCV Hero

Role : Melee Support

Difficulty : Hard


HP – Low Armor – Mid Mana – (Uses Mineral Resource)

Z – Jump Jet (Lets SCV Boost away, and if used again, can jump over a near by wall by selecting jump location)


Trait : Every X Amount of Time, Gain X Amount of Minerals. Every Minion killed, gain X Amount of Vespene Gas

Auto Attack : Melee Drill stabs doing constant damage in melee range, or activates wielding arm at low range, to create a electric spark every so often.

Q – Harvest Drill Charge : Charge the enemy with your drill forward, damaging the enemy as you knock them back.

W – Build Menu : Allows you to build a variety of unique structures. Barracks (Limit 1), Missile Turret (Limit 1) Engineering Bay (Limit 1) Supply Depot (Unlimited)

E – Repair Structure : Allows you to slowly repair a ally structure at the cost of x amount of resources. Keeps and Core require Gas and Minerals.

R1 – Upgrade to Warhound – Temporarily for X Seconds, transform into an Warhound Unit, doing extra damage and lowering enemy armor by x amount with auto attacks. HP, Armor, and Movement speed are increased.

R2 – Drop Rail Gun Turret – Deploys a free Rail Gun Turret. 2 Charges. Attacks pierce through enemies.

1 – Select SCV Hero

2 – Select Barracks

3 – Select All Units

Barracks Abilities – (Units Can't give XP, or "resources" to enemy Heroes like Meat for Butcher, or Skeletons for Xul)

Q – Build Marine – Costs X Minerals : (Ranged DPS) (Slightly Stronger then a Ranged Minion but weaker then Abathur Locust)

W – Build Medic – Costs X Minerals and Gas : (Only Heals Minions and other Barracks based Units) (Can Also Heal Zerglings and Hydralisks on Braxis Holdout)

E – Build Ghost – Costs X Mine(Has Triple Tap, that can take out 3 Lane minions with 1 hit each, other wise is a glorified longer range Marine)


Unit Abilities

Q – Hold Position

W – Patrol Path

E – Follow Hero

Gameplay Style

The mainline idea, is to make a new hero in line with other unique playable heroes like Murky, Abathur, Xul, Zagara, Nazzebo and the Lost Vikings. This hero will reward high skill players with high level micro gameplay to go with it similar to Starcraft.

SCV Hero is a battlefield manipulator and support hero. This hero can build zone control with Missile Turrets, and control mercenary camps by sending out various Barrack Units to capture them. More advanced units and structures can be built the more SCV lanes and controls their lane by destroying enemy Minions, heroes, and structures, each rewarding SCV with minerals and gas in order to build what he needs. He also receives a baseline amount of Minerals Per X Time Period. (So Not to be Useless and think of this as "mana").

The Barracks requires 2×3 tiles of space.

The Engineering Bay, when on the field can upgrade the Barrack's units by giving them additional Health amd damage, but they lose the buff if its destroyed. The Engineering Bay has a "Upgrade range" of influence, so its best to build it in the lane you want to use the buffs in. Requires 2×3 Tiles of space.

Missile Turrets act like a weaker "Tower" and can be placed anywhere on the playable map and take up "2×2" tiles of space.

Supply Depots allow you to build more Units

All Structures create blocking terrain, but you can't block a lane from its normal "minion pathing" and All damage can affect structures.

You can select individual marines and have them scattered around the map, for vision and to slow lane transition, or Clumped up to follow SCV and help do additional damage against heroes and other targets.

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