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Seeing a lot of posts about how unfair some skills shot heroes are. Here to repost a guide: DIP, DUCK, DIVE, DODGE

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Seeing a lot of posts about how unfair some skills shot heroes are. Here to repost a guide: DIP, DUCK, DIVE, DODGE

TLDR: SIDESTEP, bait obviously like you’re stepping up and running away, then duck up or down perpendicular to the hero whose skillshots you are avoiding. This opens up a window for engage/gives you time to keep doing whatever you’re doing.

Most skill shots and combos are easily avoidable and baitable, like Muradin Q, Stitches Hook, Kerrigan combo and Thrall root.

The key here is awareness of your self and the enemy.

In terms of yourself, you need to ask yourself:

How am I moving and how does the enemy perceive and respond to it?

Am I in poke/ability range of the enemy? Am I getting anything for being in such a risky position? Why am I here?

A lot of times players who are frustrated about getting hit by abilities feel the pressure to always be active and brawling, usually for nothing when there’s no need. This leads them to misposition in a desperate attempt to do anything positive.

It’s important to step up when you absolutely need to. But when you’re always stepping up, you make yourself vulnerable. Couple that with bad/predictable pathing and you get hooked, stunned, rooted, comboed.

Keep in mind how you move and when the enemy engages on you. There’s probably a pattern when you move or are in a certain position you get bursted/cced.

In terms of the enemy you need to ask:

What are their abilities that I’m vulnerable to? Which ones are avoidable skillshots? What are their cooldowns?


Keeping track of important enemy cooldowns is key. I saw a few KTZ QQ threads about his unbelievable chain reach and “deceptive hit box.” His root is on an 8 sec cd, his chains on 10. You know combo heroes are vulnerable/out of the fight when they blow their cds.

Doing all of this helps you be aware of what exactly will punish you based on where you are and where the enemy is. When you see Stitches stepping up as you’re running into your gate, you know he will try to hook, so path towards your gate and then swerve. Same with a Thrall or Muradin in range, you sidestep unpredictably so they don’t feel confident or comfortable using skill shot or they whiff it.

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In terms of KTZ, walk sideways perpendicular to him or the initial chain target.

Note that sidestepping has the cost of sometimes keeping you in bad position if the enemy knows what you’re doing. If u sidestep Kerrigan, the appropriate response from her would be to keep autoing and Ravaging you until you can’t sidestep anymore and either die or are forced to run straight back where she’ll combo you. Same with Muradin and Leoric, they can adjust to sidestepping by slowing you to make their shot easier.

You don’t always have to show on the map. Hiding in a bush waiting for the enemy to use cooldowns is a way to safe way to walk up and engage.


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