Heroes of the Storm

Seeing the aftermath of the hurricane that was last week, I was suddenly reminded of SC2: Reclamation.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Seeing the aftermath of the hurricane that was last week, I was suddenly reminded of SC2: Reclamation.

To those of you who have not seen this masterpiece of an SC2 short, here it is:

Artanis will always remain my absolute favourite Blizzard character. He's perhaps my favourite video game character of all time (up there with the likes of Geralt of Rivia). Re-watching this short, I couldn't help but wonder at how similar of a situation we, the HotS community, are currently in to the state the protoss were in, and how similar of an internal struggle to Artanis that myself and probably many others are having.

The HGC was the heart and soul of HotS for many, many players. It drove us to be better, it fueled our passion for the game, and it kept us coming back for more. The end of the HGC, to us, brought HotS to the state Aiur was in: seemingly hopeless, abandoned. Many have given up, but some have decided to remain. Those of us that are currently struggling, including myself, don't see much hope – the HGC was what attracted sponsors, pros, streamers, and players to the game. Without it, there really isn't much of a future left for the game to go off of. It's seemingly going on a gradual spiral down to irrelevance.


But in the past few days, many have voiced their belief that there is still life left in the game, still something worth staying for, worth fighting for. News of open leagues have sprung up, many streamers have stated they're not abandoning this game, and players have stated the game is simply too good to leave behind. That's when I realized: the game really is too good. I've been playing other mobas, but they just aren't the same. And then I thought: those of us who have abandoned hope, who are conflicted, who think we may be "clinging to an ideal that may have passed", are perhaps to the game as what Artanis was to Aiur. Those who are staying, who still believe, are Kaldalis.

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What I'm trying to say is the response has been quite inspirational, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. While I still don't see much left for the game, as I feel the community somehow needs to convince Blizzard management that the game has potential to reach Dota2 and LoL levels of success for them to even consider bringing back the HGC and investing more into it, I've realized that maybe that's not the point. The HotS community is a passionate one. The dev team is committed to the game and the community. We love this game, we love the gameplay, and as long as there is a dev team behind it, perhaps anything can happen. Perhaps like the remaining protoss, we should unite in the face of despair, and not abandon the world we love, though it may very well be a hopeless battle.

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