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September 24th, 2019 – 7 Days Later (and an update)

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - September 24th, 2019 - 7 Days Later (and an update)

So, I'm afraid it's time to have the talk that I've dreaded for months now.

1176642045525528576 - September 24th, 2019 - 7 Days Later (and an update)

As I mentioned on Twitter last week, Hotslogs being down for the time being meant that I did this week's tracking through HeroesProfile. However, the way in which their data is parsed is….very much not friendly to the sort of quick copy-and-paste job that is required for me to make time for more detailed articles discussing the changes in each new patch. I have made a new working sheet for HeroesProfile tracking, but it still doesn't fix the higher investment of time being an issue.

And it's kind of a big issue. I have changed dayjobs in the time since I started writing articles for Heroes of the Storm, and while I love my new job much more than my old one, it is considerably more demanding of my time. Writing long-form articles like my Fixing the Meta segments has become a near impossibility during the weekdays, and while I won't say it's impossible for me to write them on occasion, they're probably not going to be very common any more. And now, with 7 Days Later articles being a problem in terms of time investment now too, I'm not sure as to that segment's future, either. Basically, I'm saying that articles will be a lot less common from me, if they happen at all, until my schedule has become more certain and I can find the time to make them happen.

That said, I'm still willing to do weekly data tracking for patches if people are interested in that sort of thing. While full-blown articles take a good chunk of time, posting a snapshot of my spreadsheet on Twitter is relatively easy and painless for me. In fact, that's what I did for this week in lieu of an article for the aforementioned reasons.

For those unwilling or unable to click the link, a Reddit table:

HeroWin RateWR ChangeError (95% CI)Pick RatePR ChangeBan RateBR Change
Junkrat (R)49.7%+0.6±3.05%16.0%+9.93.0%+2.1
Junkrat (UR)51.2%+4.9±6.98%22.0%+13.14.0%+2.9
Whitemane (R)44.3%-1.5±3.99%9.1%+5.11.9%+1.9
Whitemane (UR)45.5%+1.3±8.11%21.9%+16.93.1%+2.1

Lemme know what you think, and of course, hope you enjoy the stats! And if you're curious as to my take on the patch, I actually posted comments on Twitter about both heroes! Again, I know it's not the thorough patch walk-through you're used to, but this may become my avenue for discussing patch changes in the future if articles no longer pan out due to time commitments.

Junkrat: "Junkrat rework is pretty acceptable, though it still doesn't really change much about how he plays. And I guess that's fine, just sorta wish it had pushed the envelope more."

Whitemane: "OTOH, I can't possibly disagree more with the path that the Whitemane rework has gone down. This rework has actually killed my interest in playing her. Whitemane is a hybrid healer/mage, and her kit should revolve around that. Anything else is fundamentally missing the point."

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