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[Serious] I’m trying out heroes I’ve not played in a long time. Can someone explain to me what Uther does?

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - [Serious] I'm trying out heroes I've not played in a long time. Can someone explain to me what Uther does?

No this is not some rage-thread, I just want some people who are experienced with him tell me what he's all about. Note that I'm at master mmr (I don't play ranked. Last time I got master 1000 after placements)

I am about lvl 7 with him, but I only played him 3+ years ago. I played 6 unranked matches with him, some as solo healer, some duo healers, melee build, Q build, W build… I lost 5/6 matches…

This is what I experienced:

  • I felt like he has 0 mobility. Going melee build just feels like I can't do anything but AA the tank while I just get melted away by the backline: I can't get to the backline itself to CC them because they'll just simply walk away and I'll never reach them
  • I go out of mana really, really fast. I find myself constantly hearthing to get mana.
  • His cooldowns feel really, really long. I pop a Q and a W after 2 seconds to heal some one and give armor, stun someone, and find myself just afk'ing in the meanwhile; waiting for 12 seconds before I can do something again. This felt really annoying coming from playing a lot of Auriel, Ana, and Morales.
  • Maybe the reality is different, but even when I'm playing double support, I felt like I could've done so much more as literally any other hero.
  • His laning is atrocious. With his AoE lvl 4 talent it's about on par with a lot of other supports, but man, I felt so useless laning or soaking.
  • I did get some awesome combos going with melee build, quadruple-stunning people with ult and benediction. That felt great, but I still find it next to impossible to get to the enemy backline to stun any actually important targets.
  • His healing feels lackluster too. It almost felt like a single Ana healing dart heals more than Holy Light: with holy light having 6x the cooldown, and 8x the mana cost. Holy Light does give armor of course, but the gap just seems so damn big.
  • Let me make clear again that I'm not bashing this hero in any way. I really just want some clarification on how he is supposed to be played. Maybe it's just because I never play ranked and don't come across full pre-mades for some wombo-combos?

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