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Share your ideas and wishes for new maps

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Share your ideas and wishes for new maps

In the recent AMA the devs informed us that they're happy with the game's map diversity and they're not currently planning any new maps or large scale reworks. Many players commented that they love new maps and they would want more in the future. At the same time, the Garden of Terror rework had received criticism for turning a unique objective into something similar to Alterac Pass, Cursed Hollow and Tomb of the Spider Queen. Many recognized the need for a single objective to encourage 5v5 fights and a more standard gameplay, but others claimed that we can have maps with a single objective while keeping them unique (so not 3 maps that create a pushing mechanic for each lane with just different art). Another well made and unique map often mentioned in those conversations is Towers of Doom.

So what are the community's ideas for a new map? Many of us want a new map, but how would that look like? What can be added at this point without feeling like more of the same?


Personally, I like buildings. Maybe there could be an objective that creates a friendly building for the team that wins. Maybe the team gathers resources to build it. Maybe it's a friendly wall with a gate and two towers at a choke point so that it cuts off the road for the enemies but not for your team, giving you an offensive and defensive advantage. (Currently it's generally unsafe to be aggressive in enemy territory. This would extend your friendly territory while you destroy theirs gradually surrounding and overwhelming them) Or maybe it's a building in the middle of the map that offers battle buffs like Bloodlust or Shadowstalk or a building that throws something like Blackheart's Bay cannon shots in fights. Maybe all 5 players (regardless of whether they died) immediately get a one time spell as an item that helps in battle like the snowballs from the winter brawl. I think that the turrets and the healing pulses were an interesting alternative to traditional pushing camps so maybe a whole objective could offer something even more powerful (but still not so OP that you instantly win the 5v5) or something that just helps over time while you clear waves and take camps like some extra mana and hp per second. Maybe the team that controls the building always has a regeneration globe active. The idea for buildings came to me because each team always has a specific number of buildings. One fort and one keep in each lane with two sets of walls and towers. Catapults and experience make it hard for map objectives to be more powerful than they already are. In the end they all have to be tuned in a way so that they can't just get free forts and keeps. By creating an objective that adds more buildings, we can allow bosses and catapults and pushing camps to be even more destructive in their path. For example, the Alterac Pass cores have been an interesting alternative to the standard ones because they can heal to full hp creating a different flow in the game. So in the map with the extra buildings you have the fun of destroying and building more often but it evens out in the end and the games still end at around 20 minutes.

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So yeah, those were my ideas for maps, but I shared them as a starting point for the conversation. Please, share yours in the comments and maybe our devs will be inspired and we'll get another map. <3

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