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Shout out to the Heroes of the Storm wiki and Tyrande thoughts

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Shout out to the Heroes of the Storm wiki and Tyrande thoughts

I've seen a few posts here talking about how out of date the information is on Icy Veins, and people recommending other places to get information about the game and I wanted bring people's attention to a website that I don't see mentioned much, the Heroes of the Storm wiki site at https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/

This site doesn't get enough attention for the incredibly detailed information it offers and some of the recent discussions on this sub got me thinking about that. In the last few weeks there has been some discussion on the state of Tyrande and specifically people talking about her Starfall ult vs the Shadowstalk ult. Tyrande is a healer that gets CDR on her heal ability via "damaging" the enemy team. Everyone knows about how her AA's give CDR, but it seems like some people didn't see that ability damage grants CDR as well. And this reveals one of ongoing annoyances people have had with HOTS, that it just gives you so little information about the game through the interface. The game will tell you how much damage an ability does, but rarely will it tell you all of the other little crucial things that can make or break an ability or talent in terms of usefulness. This sub has a few amazing users who do the grunt work of parsing the game's config files to figure out how things work, and if talents are bugged, but those posts are hard to find and aren't collected all in one area. This is a MOBA, it's supposed to be competitive and for many of us the fun lies in trying to theory-craft and adapt our hero choice and talent choice to the situation at hand. But the game gives you so little information with which to do so. You'll get a tooltip like Cassia's "Charged Strikes" that just tells you attacks bounce to nearby heroes? But what is nearby? Unless you're willing to parse the config files you'll never know. Or will you? If you head over to https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Cassia you'll find detailed information like the splash radius, and whether Charged Strikes stack additively or multiplicatively with Cassia's other damage bonuses. You find that Charged Strikes has 3.5 splash radius, combined with Cassia's 4.0 range, means that you could be getting splash off the enemy tank onto the backliners at a combined 7.5 range! No wonder this talent is so good.


Now we go back to the Tyrande discussion and the first thing we can see is that the wiki helpfully lets us know that basic attacks give CDR against everything, but ability damage only gives CDR against heroes. So dropping lunar flare onto a minion wave isn't going to do anything for your heals, but autoattacking those same minions will. Then we look at her Starfall ult, that people are claiming gives you "mad CDR, its the better healing ult!". The talent description just says it does 92 damage/second in an area. The wiki tells us that it ticks 1/second, which means you are getting 1.5 second of CDR, 1x per second, as long as people stand in the ult. One person standing in the ult for the WHOLE 6 seconds actually give less CDR that just AAing them as tyrande has a 1.33 attacks/second AA speed. Even if you got 2 potatoes to stand in the circle for the WHOLE 6 seconds you only get 18 seconds of CDR plus the 6 seconds of ingame time. Its enough to give you a full reset of your heals (510hp if you cast and then another 510 once the reset hits) plus a bit. By contrast Shadowstalk gives you a flat 1900hp of heals over 10 seconds. Your Starfall would have to get a shit-ton of CDR to give you as much healing, because remember it only works on heroes. Drop that Starfall on a minion wave and it does nothing. Starfall zones and slows yes, but to call it the "healing ult" is I think unwarranted. But you can only do that sort of analysis if you have access to the numbers and rules by which it works, which the game doesn't give you.

Basically that was a long winded example to say that HOTS is a MOBA. It has a ton of moving parts and that is part of the appeal for many of us I think. When you're trying to theorycraft and figure out the game, actual playing experience is invaluable, but so are the nuts and bolts of how abilities and talents work. So the next time you're look at a vague tooltip and wondering what something actually does, head over to the HOTS wiki at https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/ and give it a look for yourself. It's a great and sorely underutilized resource in the community.

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