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Shoutcasting Open HotS Tournaments

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Shoutcasting Open HotS Tournaments

Hi my IGN is SpacePope20K. I'm hardstuck Plat1 and have never made it into D5 in hero league, despite my numerous promos. With that in mind, let's get under way.

I have been doing independent shoutcasting for a few games over the years; Smash Bros, Dota 2, Star Craft 2, WoW Arena, League of Legends and most importantly… Heroes of the Storm.

I am low cost as I do this out of passion for the competition and it's a great way to express my in game knowledge (that my fat fingers can't mechanically.)

I currently shoutcast for LFHeroes, but have the open time to shoutcast for additional tournaments. Specifically, the open circuit that former HGC teams have been talking about. I am willing to relocate (with assistance) but ideally, it would make the most sense to cast remotely. At least in the early stages.


I can do green screens, color commentary, play by play, live-spectate commentary or spoiler free VOD casting. I would be MORE than happy to step in to show you what I am capable of.

Feel free to contact me through this post or directly if you have any inquiries or time to interview. I'd be happy to help work logistics out as I want, more than anything, for HotS to continue despite Blizzard's /interesting/ decision making.

Happy Yule, -SpacePope20K

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