Heroes of the Storm

Silver to Grand Master Solo Queue Support AMA

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Silver to Grand Master Solo Queue Support AMA

Wanted to see if you can carry as pure support solo queue only and maintain a high win rate to Grand Master and here are the results.

Lucio was my carry hero from Silver to GM with a win rate of 75% 111-37 games and 68% overall win rate. This journey took a total of 244 Storm League games.

Heroes Profile – Dragonlich

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It was a very interesting experience and it just goes to show that anyone is capable of climbing ranked even as a support main. One particular thing that I noticed is that the higher rank you are the less social people are in my journey which I found particularly interesting.

The 'greatest' social experience I had was during gold to plat range where most people always wanted to group (after game) and often refused to even play solo queue because they thought it was practically impossible to climb without a group.

This just goes to show that it is very possible to climb rank successfully if you put your mind to it and think critically on how you can improve as a player. Sure, there are some games that are out of your control but the common denominator out of every game is you.

So communicate effectively (pings work the best), and focus on ONE hero that you ENJOY. This is how you climb ranked. Practice, practice, practice. Then practice some more. Practice on what makes you win games, not what makes you lose them.

During my climb I encountered someone that quoted something that I've heard before but is very, very untrue and I hope others learn about this.

It is better to make dumb plays with the team than do the right plays alone

Think about this statement for a second. I know others have heard this statement before maybe phrased a bit differently but just think critically about this.


It is better to make dumb plays with the team than do the right plays alone

Let me ask you this….If you are looking to climb rank and want to leave your current division do you do what everyone else does at your rank? If you want to improve and avoid invoking the definition of insanity. I'm here to give people a news flash that

Doing the right thing is better than doing the wrong thing. Sounds simple right? Because it is.

If you want to improve as a player AVOID making 'dumb' plays with the team that you will 99-100% know will result in your death. The thing is if you keep doing a 'dumb' plays with your team there will come a point where you will find yourself doing 'dumb' plays over and over again even when you know it wasn't right and quickly find yourself forever stuck at your rank constantly blaming team members for things that you have some control over.

Practice what works and even if team members grill you out for it guess what you are not falling into the same void as them. YOU are trying to improve as a player by doing what is right. There's been interesting social experiments done IRL where people KNOW the right answer yet following the crowd mentality and give the wrong answer just to fit in.

Don't be that person if you are looking to climb. Think Critically. If you die late game you have what 40-60 seconds to THINK CRITICALLY as to why YOU died. How did you die? What could you have done differently? Avoid blaming team mates. Period. This will get you know where and you will quickly find yourself tilting and making worse decisions.

I know it is difficult but if I can do it as a SUPPORT MAIN then YOU CAN DO IT if you practice what is RIGHT and avoid crowd mentality thinking.

Think critically, stay positive and practice effective communication through pings and positive self reflection on games that you lose.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my abilities.

Thank you, glhf.

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