Heroes of the Storm

Simple Samuro lvl1 change to help talent diversity

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Simple Samuro lvl1 change to help talent diversity


So, ever since the rebalance of
samuro - Simple Samuro lvl1 change to help talent diversity

his level 1 tier Samuro's talent diversity took a big hit, which mainly resulted in the > build becoming unviable and > becoming the only real choice due to the absurdity of it's damage output, while his problematic burst builds – which were the main reason he was nerfed in the first place – overall gained in power due to >'s early game power boost (which became the only talent at level 1 due to the combined bonuses of no quest, being the only talent that grants team utility, and being mathematically superior). > is plain nonviable and > still retains some level of relevance given it deals more damage for > and Merciless Strikes (though by a minimal margin, AND it's a quest)


The change i am suggesting is quite simple, change Way of Illusion from just a damage granting quest (which it is right now) to this:

Way of Illusion:

!Quest: Every time a Mirror Image Critically Strikes a Hero, Samuro gains 0.5 Attack Damage

? Reward: After stacking 20 damage, basic attacks against heroes reduce the cooldown of > by ~5%

"What!? You're giving Samuro an eternally stacking damage quest?? you're crazy" i hear you saying, it's not that bad, trust me


The quest, in it's current incarnation, waits until you stack 10 damage (Clone's > add only 0.25 which is a completely meaningless amount, right now it's pretty much like Convection, useless until completed. When completed, it gives another 20 damage as a reward. Point is, for this new version's damage to become oppressive or imbalanced, you would have to be fed stacks by the enemy team through very counter-playable and quite easily killed clones, it would normally take you until late game to stack to current amount which is still mostly inferior to what Way of the Blade offers damage wise

The main thing this new talent would do is give Press the Attack's playstyle the push it needs with the D CDR, which is something Harsh Winds and Merciless Strikes don't really use, but from which Press the Attack would benefit enormously because of the added juking capabilities. And because the quest adds raw damage, Burning Blade gains viability again, also dings and the idea of stacking yourself to hell is very fun and enticing

Of course the numbers would be balanced around but the core idea would work pretty well with the current hero, as a "band aid" fix while a larger talent rework comes

Tagging my Samuro main dev
/u/BlizzAZJackson 🙂

As a bonus, since Samuro is free on rotation, do feel free to ask me anything about him (level 283, 60% winrate), i'll be more than happy to respond, also feel free to join the Wind Striders discord server to hang out and talk about this very awesome game

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