Heroes of the Storm

Skin & Mount Pages, Hero Price History and more – a Nexus Compendium Update

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Skin & Mount Pages, Hero Price History and more - a Nexus Compendium Update

I only just recently found out that I haven't posted an update about for ½ a year (the last update being about Battleground Rotations), and with the recent additions considered, I though now would be a good time to give an overview of what has happened since then.

Keep in mind that this is just me – that one guy who vigorously posted about the Free-to-Play Hero Rotations and Heroic Deals for a few years now – and that I have absolutely no intention of stopping the work. With that: onwards!

The TL;DR Overview

A very short rundown of what has been added over the last 6 months – with many of them being on the list of things I wrote about back then. Most items on the list have relevant links associated with them – so take a look at the results.

  • tyrael mecha - Skin & Mount Pages, Hero Price History and more - a Nexus Compendium UpdateIndividual Skin Pages and Skins Overview
    (February 21) – All Skins have gotten their own pages, showing an overview of their connections to Universes and Events, as well as an image and connections to Sales and/or Limited-Time Item availability. Links/images shown across the site.
  • Skin Naming Update (February 14) – Something that had been on the backlog for too long, and really annoyed be when building the Skin Pages, was that Skin names were structured as "Skin Name + Hero Name". It might fit for most skins, but not for all (fx. "Sgt. Doomhammer Sgt. Hammer" and "Pain Deckard" triggered me completely). More on Tints later.
  • Seasonal &
    Limited-Time Icons
    (February 10) – Something that became necessary to show, once Skins and Mounts were only going to referenced as an image and a name on the various pages. It turned out rather well, and has given me ideas for other future additions.
  • Individual Mount Pages and Improved Mounts Overview (February 5) – In a similar fashion, Mounts have gotten the same. The difference here being that I already had the images, but can now use those pages to showcase the same things as above. Links/images likewise shown across the site.
  • Gold Mount Data Shown (February 5) – A rather new addition to the Weekly Sales/Heroic Deals pages (released alongside Mount Pages), the Gold Mount data is now shown – with images as well.
  • Huge SEO/Metadata Updates (December 14) – Somewhat boring update, but most importantly it changed the link-previews to be relevant to the actual link, as well as being more SEO-friendly (fx: "/heroes/li-li" rather than "/hero.php?h=li-li").
  • All Heroes Free-to-Play Periods (November 7) – BlizzCon gave us the first LONG period of all Heroes being Free-to-Play with completely ruined my way of showing (and calculating Predictions) properly for the Weekly Rotations. Earlier existing Periods were added as well.
  • Hero Price History – (September 27) – While the data has been used for a while to shown the Hero Prices in the Sales, the changes are now shown in the Sales-section for each Hero.

… and a TON of other changes, fixes and details fixing (I hate Cho'gall. Seriously!). Take a look: Full News List!


What's on the Backlog?

  • Tints – I really want to show the information about the various Skins' and Mounts' Tints, especially for the odd cases where a given Skin has a Tint that is Seasonal and/or Limited-Time … while still being part of the Base Skin. I'm looking at you, Genji!
  • Rotation Icons / Less Cluttered Site – I really want to get everything currently relevant added to the respective Currently in the Nexus-page, and removed/minimalized elsewhere. Having a "Rotation"-icon on the Hero Page (just like the Official Site) would help a lot on the looks, and fit with the Seasonal & Limited-Time icons.
  • Brawls – Similar to Battlegrounds, it would be great to have individual pages for these, as well as being able to show the Brawl Rotations (no matter how dull they might seem these days). It fits the nature of the site to have it.
  • Guides, Builds & Resources – Still a bit uncertain about what it's going to contain, but given the site's name, it would be fitting for any compendium to have such resources handily available. Still working out the details and such, but it's a certainly in progress.
  • Patch Overview – While I don't want to copy Heroes Patch Notes (which I've always had links to across the site), it would be cool to tie everything together in a low-key fashion. It's a data-based site, so it would fit right in!

Any good ideas?

I'm always open for a good chat about what could be next for the site. Don't be threatened by the long backlog, as I'm very flexible to changing it, if someone has a brilliant idea! Let me know.

I also post regularly on Twitter (@NexusCompendium), with both the Weekly Updates and when bigger updates (like the above) happens, if you want to stay updated.

And, as always, remember that this is made FOR YOU. It's a resource and my love-letter to the Nexus.

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