Heroes of the Storm

SL rank system => solo rank and teamed rank

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - SL rank system => solo rank and teamed rank

tl;dr: have separate rank if you are queuing alone, but leave the SL single queue in place.


I've sent this suggestion to Into The Nexus (check it out, they are great!
itn - SL rank system => solo rank and teamed rank
http://amove.tv/itn ), they seemed to like it.I had an idea how to improve the ranked experience based on what I’ve been doing this season myself.

I’ve created a second account just for solo queue, just to see where my skill level is (not for smurfing, I apologize to anyone for the early games). When I’m playing with friends I have no idea if I’m “boosting” them or they are “boosting” me. I just wanted some validation, that it's not just them holding me at the rank I was not letting me fall lower…

Turns out, I’m around the same rank as my main “teamleague” account 😃. (Sorry for my first few games, but I got relatively fast back to where my main is thanks to the initial rank adjustments).

During my games alone though, I noticed there is a huge number of misplaced (meaning boosted) people and an astounding amount of smurfs (2-3 per game at minimum, especially around S5, G5 and now P5). So basically just looking at someone's rank do not really mean anything anyhow generally, and you can’t rely on that single rank to tell you, what to expect from a person.

I think it would be hard to make the system any worse at this point.

So my suggestion:


What if, we left SL and the single queue in place, BUT instead of a single number, the system tracked 2 ranks:

  1. If you are queueing alone
  2. You are queueing with other people

you would still be matched with people who are solo and multi-queuing, no matter how you chose to queue. On top of that remove most queue restrictions.

Solo queue rank will give you “bragging” rights (nobody is boosting you), multi-queue rank would allow you to still get roughly even matches (which you definitely do not get atm at most ranks).

It will be easy to spot boosted players and the boosted rank would not spoil matches when those people queue alone. Smurfing would be less incentivized hopefully, since there wouldn’t be anything gained personally to play with smurfs. It would just make games harder for you, when you queue with different people.

The only problem I can imagine atm, is if the two systems somehow diverged and some people only played TL and some only HL. In that case I hope some seasonal scaling adjustments using the data from people who play both could help alleviate that issue.

I've been thinking about this for another week, nothing better came to my mind, no additional drawbacks, so I just wanted to bring it up in a broader discussion. 🙂

What do you guys think?

F4wk3s (my solo Q name 🙂 )

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