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Small Healer changes i’d like to see

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Small Healer changes i'd like to see

Hello, to balance out some healers i came up with few ideas. I wanna keep it short and simple so here are my suggestions:

Li Li

E – Now targets a hero (point and click to keep her easy to play), bounces to one more target nearby, heroes are priority. Similar to Thrall's Q, plain and simple.If no enemy heroes are nearby increase the duration of Blinding Winds to 3s to make it more interesting.

Water Dragon – Now targets small area (thinking similar to untalented Azmodan's Q), all enemies inside get damaged and slowed by 60% and all allies inside get a Healing Brew and Cloud Serpent

Yes, it's a Dragon that slows down enemies and brings cup of tea and smaller serpents as gifts.

Basically i want to make her a tiny tiny bit less difficult to play while giving her a choice when picking heroics.


W – now grants a small shield baselined (with the changes below this could be overkill but i'll leave it here just for fun)

Z – acts as his current trait

Bloodlust – Target a hero, Give him life steal, attack speed, movement speed and immunity to blinds and displacements for 6s. Rehgar also benefits from this buff

Basically a big boost but only for 1 hero (2 counting Rehgar) to make it easier to balance and more reliable ultimate.

New D – Healing Totem: Restores HP and mana (up for debate) inside the totem area to all allies. Allies inside also have Relentless (50% immunity to CC). 40 s CD


Rehgod's popularity has fallen a bit again, i think it's time to give him a real trait and open up level 7 talents after such a long time of having to pick Cleanse. Healing totem fits the shaman fantasy and relentless fits the gladiator fantasy it's a win win IMO

Lt. Morales

New D – Cellular Reactor – Basically a panic button that heals over time, i think a better suitable trait for her.

E – Her grenade is by far the most annoying ability in the game, i don't even remember when i last saw a good grenade and it's so hard to do too but everybody knows when it ruins their combo or CC. This is the only potentionally playmaking ability on this healbot (i mean healer) if you don't count a good timing on your W but that's something Uther has too and has so many extra tools to play with.

I'd be cool if you could drag the direction of the grenade during flight (kind of like Alarak's telekinesis) to choose the direction of the knockback. Make it a slower moving grenade, make the hitbox a bit bigger and knockback doesn't have to be that big. It sounds a bit complicated but this is really the ability that can make her shine.

And talking about Uther

Q – 10s CD, less mana cost

E – reduce the stun to 0.75s or even 0.5s

He's busted, nerf E, give him more healing.

Thanks for read, have a good day

Edit: For some reason my Morales and Uther changes didn't get posted so i wrote them again.

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