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So I’m looking for a new favorite

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - So I'm looking for a new favorite

My first favorite is Sonya. When I first played, she's the one who taught me how to get comfortable with the game. She's tough for a bruiser and I spent a lot of time getting away with running around doing my own thing (much to my team mate's chagrin.) As I've gotten better I still love her. She wipes out minions, has some excellent self healing, and is pretty satisfying when she hooks an enemy hero for the final kill. I think my favorite thing about her is I don't need team mates permission to do something: If I want to solo lane, I can. Or if I want to capture a mercenary camp, I can.

Second favorite is Raynor. While Sonya helped me get comfortable, Raynor taught me how to actually play. I've heard him described as an overglorified footman and I can't think of a better description. Like Sonya he's got a skillshot and self heal. I'm usually pretty good with his ultimates. What I find satisfying with him is his inspire boost, especially when it effects heroes, and we're all dogpiling in a hero fight for objective or taking down the core because everyone gets juiced up thanks to me.

Next favorite is Ana. I don't know why since she's such a difficult healer to play. But I'm pretty good with the skill shots. It's always great seeing an enemy hero try and go deep only to get put to sleep. And playing the game worrying about supporting my team mates makes it different enough that it becomes fun in a new way. Like Raynor's inspiration but less so, I really enjoy using nanoboost to amp up allies and let them break stuff.

I love Abathur. I thought he'd be really intimidating to play as at first, and he really was. Until I did some research on how he works and I find him surprisingly… not easy, but functional. He's really helped me learn about map awareness and always staying on top of things. Especially people's heads. I kinda wish he could do more to assist allies though. What's most satisfying about him is having him burrow to the enemy core and watch him slap it. Slap slap slap.


Qhira is an interesting one. I decided to play her and she'd be a favorite just to spite everyone's opinion of her when she was released. Oh you don't like her? Then I'll like her just because. And in doing so I've found she's quite difficult. Though I feel a lot of that is a lack of patience on my part, I know better than to wind up on the other side of the enemy's gate but do it anyway. She's certainly the most challenging to play as but it's worth it.

What I'm looking for is a tank and two others to fill out my favorites. Maybe another healer.

I like Stitches, but he seems super weak. I like Diablo, but I have a rough time getting ganked early game a lot and even when I don't I don't have a hang of either of his ultimates.

I can stand a challenge, I already have Raynor so I'm not necessarily looking for super easy characters. Sgt. Hammer and Lt. Morales for example are way too easy of characters for me to have fun with. At the same time, I'm not sure if I can get the hang of super complex characters. By the time I figured out how Alarak works I was too fed up with him to want to keep playing as him.

As far as tanks go, I think I'll have to go with Blaze. Unless there's something special and appealing about the others that I don't know about. There's a rather disappointing selection of tanks to choose from. I've played them all but never really clicked with any of them.

With healers I feel I'd have more fun with Tyrande if I did any amount of research to figure out how she works. I liked her back when I was new and didn't know what I was doing. But then I understood the game and realized I didn't understand her.

There's plenty of characters I haven't played enough to get past level two. So I'm open to suggestions.

TL;DR: I'm looking for suggestions for new characters to play who aren't terribly complicated and are strong team players

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