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So I’ve played entirely too much Whitemane ⚆ _ ⚆

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - So I've played entirely too much Whitemane ⚆ _ ⚆

To expand on that, since the patch, I've been losing with playing Whitemane almost exclusively. During weekdays it wasn't very fruitful seeing how tired I came home after work. Then the weekend came.

And to put things into perspective, I've played her for hours. She is now my most played hero, up from my eighth. I got her from level 37 to 47. Only yesterday I managed 21 games (of which I won 14).

Here's what I learnt:

  • She would be in a decent-ish spot if Scarlet Aegis had a 75s cooldown. As it stands, I took Divine Reckoning 90% of the time and the 3 or 4 games where I took Aegis I ended up losing.

  • I'm saying decent-ish because she does a lot of healing, she does some damage (usually 7th in the match, above tanks and enemy healer) aaand that's about it til 13/16.

  • I've been crapping on Indulgence for days now until I started taking it and now I take it almost exclusively. How exactly I managed to complain about it while also always taking Exuberance on Alex and Nature's Swiftness on Malf is beyond me.

  • She is strong early game then has two powerspikes: 10 and 16. Her levels 2-4-13 are rather underwhelming… in a good way?

  • Her talent builds have gone from "I'm building Q this game" or "E" or "W" to each tier being situational and never knowing for sure what the best call is. Especially 16 where you don't wanna pass up any of the three talents.

Talking about talents, here's my thoughts on them:

  • Level 1: Pity the Frail is my standard, with Righteous Flame if I have an Arthas, Jaina, Raynor etc. and Inquisitor's Prayer if I know the game will last long enough (On Volskaya mostly). Of the three, I prioritise Righteous Flame – it brings ghe most value if its conditions are met imo.

  • Level 4: This is her safety tier. Weapon range, stronger heals and movement speed all add to that. I've been taking Indulgence almost exclusively.

  • Level 7: I believe all of these are strong. I tend not to take Intercession unless the enemy team can chain cc since Whitemane tends to be able to outheal lockdown/burst (especially with Zeal and Divine Reckoning). My go-to is Scarlet Wrath with the occasional Zealous Spirit if I'm not allowed to AA.

  • Level 13: Subjugation against dive is mandatory and amazing. Lashing out works well against heavy frontline or people with multiple bodies. I think Greatly Saintstaff (:P) is too weak and the number in the patch notes (75) sounds way more attractive than on live (50).

  • Level 16: Amazing tier. Double Radiance is so good against overwhelming damage and Harsh Discipline for lockdown, obviously. If I took Subjugation I do follow it up with Shared Punishment however.

  • Level 20: Purge the wicked. Unless there's a combo to set up with Judgement Day or Illidan is on core and needs a Guiding light.

Here's what I'd change:

Her winrate is at around 44% currently with 38% on Aegis and close to 48% on Divine Reckoning. I'm not sure the devs want her at 50% since she is a difficult hero to play, however here are some things I'd improve in her base kit:

  • I'd decrease the mana of her Q and compounding Desperation to 40. Alternatively, I'd increase both to 50 and have Searing Lash restore 10/20 mana per hit.

  • I'd move her Inquisition/Clemency back to 50 damage/healing per tick and a total of 350 damage/healing.

  • I'd increase the range of her E to 9 (or at least its original 8.5), since it feels clunky.

  • I'd increase her attack speed slightly (to 1.11 or 1.2) and decrease her attack damage accordingly. This is because I'm used to the old attack speed but it's a getting-used-to-it kind of thing so it's not necessary.

  • Finally I'd increase the cooldown of Zeal to 90s but have ways to decrease it baseline (for every heal, for every time she deals damage, for every Searing Lash, for every AA, whichever it may be). But again, this is not necessary.

So yeah, I guess now I am a Whitemane main after all. Tyrande was left in the dust. I'm curious to see how other people's experience with her compares.

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