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So the new QM rules do not exist anymore? WTF

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - So the new QM rules do not exist anymore? WTF

++ Beware: This is a rant post with a lot of f words ++

So right now I am playing a bit of QM again and just want to say: WTF IS THIS???!?!

I got into the game in 10 seconds but seriously I DO NOT MISS THESE 5 ASSA SHITSHOWS. The people who cry about the Tank+Healer are fu*king Genji, Nova and Butcher mains who can‘t do shit when there are actually tanks and supports around. This gamemode is a fu*king shitshow seriously unless you play a hero that does not get countered by chaotic bullshit.

My winrate with KTZ went up by 10% (Yes, 10 FU*KING percent I am not joking this is for real) since the QM changes because I actually HAD A !TEAM! but how the FU*K am I supposed to play when there are always like 5 assas including Nova or Butcher Abathur in my enemy team. Because nobody can peel nor heal and you can‘t even react to anything if you eat thousands of damage from everywhere around you. Try to play a KTZ who has to go into auto attack range to hit a chain on a team full of fu*king backliners with even nerfed hitboxes and then eat spells of 5 mages because the rest of your own team is also full of backliners that outrange you. Before it happened maybe ONE in TEN games where I did not finish my quest before level 10. Now I had 2 fu*king games where I could not finish my FU*KING quest at all?!?!?? I am definitely not a pro player but I play KTZ with 70 to 80% WR on Gold Elo so I am not just a bad fu*king KTZ. FU*K THIS MODE. I want the „constructed“ QM back.


I simply did not quit the game yet because it was still a lot of fun but right now you did not just kill the game for the pros and hardcore players but you also killed it for the most casual fu*king player: ME. Why would you allow your by FAR most popular gamemode to be annoying as hell as be so far off from constructed teamplay possible with this matchmaking. Especially for players that play heroes without fancy invulnerabilities/get out of jail cards/mobility.

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I DID NOT CARE EVEN ONCE FOR A 3-7 MINUTE Q TIME when the result was a nice fu*king match which actually showed you how real fu*king teamfights look like. WHO TF WANTS SHORTER Q TIMES when the result is a 10minute shitshow featuring Nova, Genji, Abathur + Butcher, ChoGall and Varian mains. Try to play one of those heroes that suck in such matchups and then let me see if you still want FASTER FU*KING QS.

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