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So you wonder what it takes to climb in ranked ? Here are few tips from Master Tier player .

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - So you wonder what it takes to climb in ranked ? Here are few tips from Master Tier player .

When I started playing ranked game one year ago I started in silver , took me a whole year to make it into Master and I finally understood what I was missing . Now I feel like I want to share some of tips , maybe someone will make good use of it .

  1. Soaking xp is winning .
    Most of the time in low rank games ( from Bronze to Platinum ) you will see people brawl lvl 1 on mid untill either team is dead . Its wrong you are missing xp bot lane and top lane . When lane minions run into each other you are supposed to be already there . Dont miss first few waves , maybe they dont give a lot of xp early but if you get them when your enemies dont you have adventage that can win you first objective ( you can get talent tier faster than enemy ) . If you see nobody going for bot or top ping one lane and go to another , you can also type in chat for example "Thrall go soak top , dont miss wave xp" . Outsoaking enemy team in low ranks is easy just go to the lane where no enemies are around and you can either put your team into adventage or make it easier to come back if you are losing . Keep in mind there are 3 or 2 lanes of XP not just one .

  2. Stick to one role and dont play a lot of heroes .
    If you play tank pick tank . If you play solo lane pick bruiser . If you are healer main dont pick Kael Thas just because he isnt banned . Ofcourse you can be "flex player" but I think its way too hard to play all roles and climb at same time unless you are smurfing . If you already chosen your role now you have choice of what heroes you can play . You should pick 2-3 heroes on the beginning of your climb to make sure you know your hero talents and spells . If you want to practice new hero dont do this in ranked game you gonna lose points also its very likely that you will be discouraged to play this hero any further if you get stomped . Practice 2-3 heroes from your role ( just pick what heroes you like drafts dont really matter below master tier ) then if you feel comfortable with your role try to practice more but never think you can play all heroes from your role at same level .

  3. If there is any tournament going on you should check it out .
    How can this be even helpful you may ask ? Heres the deal . People who play in tournaments usually will go for what is best in their opinion ( that is called "meta' ) because money is on stake . Yes we dont have official esports anymore but I still see Khaldor casting some games of Division S and that is where you can start watching . You will learn what heroes are the most valuable for tournament players and what talents they choose to play . Not every hero but most of them have some standard builds . Knowing what build is good on hero makes you realize why does this hero works at all . If you dont really get why for example "Pros" pick Li Ming Maiev dont worry Khaldor will explain 🙂 (aand no I dont promote his stream I just find him be the only person that I recognize who still casts tournaments and he is very profesional in what he is doing you can try to watch other casters if they exist but I dont do that personally ) . You dont have to copy paste tournament play but you can learn about good picks and overall meta .

  4. Dont be afraid to use chat and try to take leadership .
    I dont know if its because there is word on street that you can get banned for typing anything in chat or in general people are too shy but I played too many game with radio silence . Comunicating is good because you might see things your teammates dont and vice versa . You have in game chat / ping or in very rare cases voice chat and by no means you should be afraid to use it . However if someone is using chat ONLY to flame or talk bs MUTE instantly . I will always say that comunication is key but when someone is legit flaming in chat he is no longer using comunication with his team . If someoen is spam pinging whole game on you instead of place where he wants to go or where he wants assist mute that person and dont argue with anyone .

  5. Camps are must have .
    That is thing that scares me most . People refuse to do camps for whole game . Map Volskaya is best example of how you can easily get a lead if you go for turret camp . If you have a camp adventage during fight you will either break even if you lose or get huge adventage on map if you win team fight . Assasins can do camps solo pretty easy ( like Jaina for example ) . If you dont play assasins ask your teammate to either do camp solo or ask him to come to camp so you can help him . Camps spawn at 1:00 and you are supposed to be there already when they do . I know its not always possible but try to do as many camps during the game as possible WITHOUT losing XP from lanes .

  6. Be proactive . Dont just stand in one place and wonder what he hell am I supposed to do .
    If there is no objective avaiable you should focus on soaking 3 lanes and getting camps . If objective is avaiable you are supposed to fight for it . If you won your fight and have objective you go to lane for more xp or reset in base for mana and hp . If you lost your fight look for a lane where no enemies are seen and go soak . I think its called brain lag when you sometimes just stop and youre like "wtf is going on" yeah that might happen but try to think what you can do to contribute to team win .

  7. Use practice tool to warm up before you want to play ranked .
    This is optional for some people this might be usefull for someone of you not really but you can always get into practice tool with your hero even for 2-3 maybe 5 minutes just cast your spells on target dummy see how fast you can do camps etc . I used to have problem with my first game of the day I was either god or I was running down like clown not knowing what is up because I did not have a habbit of playing every single day . Make sure your youre sitting comfortable in your chair your hands are not super cold . Queue up for ranked game when you know you can give your 100% when participating .

  8. Climbing takes time . If you expect to get from Gold to Grand Master in one week you might want to stick to QM instead .
    It wont be easy it will take a lot of time to get your desired rank . You should expect to play for few hours atleast every day if you are expecting to climb higher in rank . Some people will go from Bronze to Platinum in one month some will never get out of silver . Dont give up untill you get what you wanted . If you set your goal to be for example : " I want to get Diamond this season " decidate yourself to geteting Diamond this season . You have to keep in mind there will be a ton of games where you cannot do absolutely nothing because your teammates refuse to win or hard troll to the level when they are more dedicated to losing that winning but if you want to get your desired rank you will eventuall get there . For me it took me a year or playing ranked games only to get from Silver to Master tier when a lot of people I met during my climb made it to masters a lot faster .

PS . Sorry for my bad english . I am not native speaker but I did my best with what I learnt in school . People who are more fluent in english will prolly open Holy Bible and try to purge demons from me after reading my grammar mistakes but sorry I did my best 🙂

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