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Solo “Q” Azmodan (Demons for Days)

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Solo “Q” Azmodan (Demons for Days)

Hello All, this is Zealot4JC.

I would describe myself as a casual player. I stick mostly to solo-queue (quick match and unranked draft) but I’m consistently placed in high platinum or low-diamond when I do feel inclined to play ranked.

I wanted to share some fun tips/tricks I’ve been using to improve my play with my #1 hero in HotS, my fat demon spider Azmodan (level 110 with +60% winrate)

I’ve written about “off-meta” builds for Azmodan in the past, but the most recent patch change for Azmo really shook up my go-to build for him in solo queue and has “drastically” sped up my quest stacking and damage numbers with him.

First up… my recommended build…

(1) Greed; (4) Hellforged Armor; (7) Master of Destruction; (10) Either Ult “Depending on Enemy Comp and Map”; (13) Brutish Vanguard; (16) Hell Rift; (20) Sin’s Grasp

So the crux of this build, and what prompted me to offer up this tip, was the most recent change made to Azmodan’s “All Shall Burn” ability. Namely, that the burst damage (and all the talents associated with that burst) now proc’s if the target dies before the channel would normally complete.

This interaction; when applied to minions, monsters, etc.; has absolutely skyrocketed my quest stacking in solo queue games.

Azmodan’s very-early-game hasn’t changed, you’re best bet for stacking up your “Q” quest is to rotate with your team or a friend and try to last hit minions with your Q.

Once you hit lvl 7 and take “Master of Destruction” however, that changes and you become a fast-stacking monster who needs no assistance.

Now, all you need to do to clear a minimum of 4 minions from every wave is to hit the full health wave with your Q and “immediately” target the minion wave’s mage with your E. The minion will die from the channeled beam in less than 1 second and the AOE from master of destruction will proc and kill most if not all of the minion wave. This new interaction is so much faster than my other solo methods that it will only work for a few waves before you have to switch to targeting an archer minion immediately after the globe (since the mage minion will die to the Q alone).

This “fast burst” on Azmodan’s “E” can be used for team fights as well if you have good awareness of your enemy’s position to minion waves. Most players don’t expect your lazer’s AOE burst to go off instantly when you target a weak minion, monster, or building directly next to them; and since you gain stacks from enemy heroes hit by the AOE of your lazer burst as well as the target, this just speeds up your stacking even more when the enemy team can’t spread out as easily before it goes off.


With Greed and Master of Destruction snowballing your quest stacks, you can focus on other talents to give you more utility and siege. I no longer feel “required” to take “Globe of Annihilation” at 10, since my quest ramps up fast enough that I can take Demonic Invasion instead if I want more macro/siege pressure or just another high damage AOE attack in team fights.

“Demons for Days” comes from the synergy of your lvl 1 Greed’s quest (lazer range, demon atk and speed increase), lvl 4’s Hellforged armor (increasing Demon duration to 14 seconds), lvl 13’s Brutish Vanguard (providing AOE slows), and lvl 16’s Hell Rift (summoning a fully talented demon and buffing ALL demon damage whenever you proc your lazer burst) means you can near instantly throw a barrage of AOE damage and slows at the enemy team if they wander too close to a minion or obj monster.

The longer duration on your minions from Hellforged armor really adds up once you hit lvl 20 and take Sin’s Grasp. With Sin’s Grasp, you can now switch to hitting heroes (to slow them with your Lazer for more team CC) but also to reset the cooldown of your lazer to only 3 seconds.

Ends up playing out like this (if you don’t get stun barraged by the enemy team)…

— Target enemy hero with lazer (2.5 second channel), just before proc summon demon warrior with W.

— Lazer burst summons a 2nd demon, both demons have buffed damage for 4 seconds. (2 demons with 14 seconds).

— 3 second cooldown on E, 2.5 second channel on new target (preferably a hero).

— Lazer burst summons a 3rd demon, 3 demons are buffed 4 seconds. (1 demon with 14 seconds, 2 demons with ~8 seconds)

— 3 second cooldown on E, 2.5 second channel on new target (preferably a hero), summon new demon with W as lazer is channeling.

— 2 more Demons summoned, all demons buffed 4 seconds (2 demons with 14 seconds, 1 demon with ~8 seconds, 2 demons with ~3 seconds)

This chain of dropping and summoning tough AOE demons can continue while you throw globes and/or your ult which puts out an absurd amount of AOE damage on the enemy team and bogs them down with tanky CC auras.

This build is monstrous for sieging, merc camps, macro pressure, and tearing up the enemy team’s frontline, but you have little to no escape options (per Azmo’s usual weaknesses) so be careful with your positioning and use that longer lazer range from Greed to stay as far back as you can.

Have fun summoning demons for days, and if nothing else, I hope you’ll experiment with triggering Azmodan’s lazer burst early in order to speed up your solo “Q” quest stacking.

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