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Solo Queue After Preseason

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Solo Queue After Preseason

I see lots of Blizzard replies floating around. Perhaps we can involve some here? HotS development has slowed down, it's understandable. The pace has been fine personally, but there's a point that's been left in the dark somewhat. A promise that was made to the playerbase of Hero League. Is there any hope for solo queue only ranked after this preseason?

Smurf boosting is a blight that's often discussed on here, and the system seems to only encourage it for climbing. People are ending up in games they don't belong in thanks to premades making their group a massive miss-match of MMRs, and it's becoming more and more rare to just have a game with all players in your division or rank. Everything's all messed up.

I understand, people want to play with friends. Playing with friends is fun. But why can't those people find their enjoyment in unranked draft? It would give that game mode a much needed boost in regions where it's died (why does QM exist, anyway?) and it'll restore the competitive nature of ranked. Besides, I played unranked draft exclusively for over a year in Europe as a means to cool down from ranked's stressful nature during a tough, transitional period in my life, and the games were just as competitive as ranked, if not better at times.

But it doesn't need to be only solo only. I understand that is a lot to ask. There is middle ground for this. I honestly thought the following was one of the more elegant solutions I'd found: Limiting grouping based on division. Having a master player in a premade makes the group unable to ready, master players can only queue on their own. Having a diamond player in a group larger than two people makes the group unable to ready, diamonds can only queue as solo or duo. Platinum players are limited to groups of 3, and Gold, Silver and Bronze players have no such limitations. Surely there are other solutions similar that allow compromise between the two extremes.


I know there are a lot of well matched premade games going on. I won't deny it. I see premades on winning and losing ends just as often. But it tends to always be onesided in some way, as if the games are affected by their presence in some unseen, negative way. It's also just really disheartening as a player who dedicates his spare time (read: have fun) to Heroes of the Storm to lose a game really badly, only to hover over the enemy team and see they're all in a group together. I no longer want to evaluate my performance. Because I am no longer judged on my individual player capabilities. Suddenly I am rated by a much higher measure. One that I am firstly unaware of having to focus on – the level of coordination to counter certain premades is high – because I can no longer see if I am against one. And secondly, with players not of my choosing to my sides.

How is everyone's outlook on premades being a part of ranked? Do you think it's fair? Do you have any ideas for solutions that could please both solo queue players and grouped players? I know there are some people out there collecting data on their games against grouped players. How are the numbers fairing now that people have come to accept grouping as a logical advantage, and thus becoming more and more frequent?

I know I always complain about long posts myself, but it's a topic that's close to my heart, and I just can't not feel driven to discuss it.

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