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Some adjustments for some vision spells

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Some adjustments for some vision spells

Hi Reddit !

This post is dedicated to spells giving vision. Indeed, I consider some of them are really unfair because there is no counterplay (or only a little bit) attached to them. I am particularly talking about abilities giving vision without notifying ennemies they are actually visible, especially when these tools can show (without revealing) a portion of the map for a very long duration. Here is the change I propose to rebalance 4 vision spells in this game :

Ennemy heroes present in the area of vision of the following spells are now revealed and wear the red eye icon :

  • Time Trap (Chromie)
  • Toxic Nest (Abathur)
  • Moonfire (Malfurion)
  • Sentinel (Tyrande)

Time trap is the most obvious example. It has an infinite duration, and chromie can trigger it at will : even if you are standing exactly on its position, you can't notice its presence. It is also a nearly guaranteed kill when triggered. This spell is just a plague when you play a tank, or a mobile hero trying to give vision to your team in the early stages of the game : it has no counterplay unless being lucky throwing spells everywhere on the map.

Abathur's Toxic nest is just behind. It does not have kill potential like Time trap unless investing into plenty of them groupped somewhere (note that 5 or 6 are enough to kill squishiest heroes). However, like Time trap, the only counterplay attached to it is just throwing random spells and hoping to be lucky, unless the Aba player gives you a pattern in the early stages of the game.


It may be hard to see why Moonfire is present here. Indeed, Moonfire gives vision into its area of effect for 2s after being used (extended to 5s pinking Celestial Alignment at level 1). The main problem to me is what I mentioned earlier, the area gives easy vision without warning ennemies they are seen. I already saw a pro game where a tank just died because he entered a bush to flank, but Malf already used Moonfire on this bush a few seconds ago. Far less unfair than the aforementioned spells though.

Sentinel is more visible than Moonfire, but it has a huge area of vision behind its trail. You may be seen without any warning.

Just to understand the goal of this post, here are a list of vision spells I feel in a fair spot :

  • Lunara's whisp : It is visible, destructible. If you pick the talent for the huge vision area, ennemies are completely revealed and know they are seen.
  • Lucio's boombox : visible and destructible
  • Zagara's creep tumor : destructible, and if you walk on creep, you know ennemies can see you.
  • Medivh's dust of appearance : it reveals heroes with the red eye incon
  • Invisible heroes : They often take risks

Thx for reading !

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