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Some Balance Ideas

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Some Balance Ideas

Here are some balance ideas I want to share with the community.
As you will see these are mostly some nerfs to, in my opinion, overpowered or even oppressive talents/abilities.
I am pretty conservative on balance ideas. Meaning, I concentrate on numbers tweaking and not a complete rearrangement of talents or new talents. Complete talent rearrangements or new talents make this whole system much more unpredictable. It would be much harder to foresee the outcome of such changes.

I will also comment on my changes and on some Heroes I give some additional thoughts when I am unhappy or unsure if some design is healthy for the game. Maybe my ideas are horrible, maybe some say they are good for the game, maybe some get included next Patch 🙂 . I hope to start a discussion about the balance state of Heroes of the Storm and possible ways to improve it.


Level 4
Adrenal Overlord
Attack Speed reduced from 25% to 20%

Comment: Adrenal Overlord receives a slight nerf due to enabling some hyper carry combos with auto attackers like Illidan, Valla, Raynor and so on. For comparison, Illidan (Demonic Form) and Raynor (Execute) have 20% increase Attack Speed talents at level 20. So a 25% Attack Speed boost option for Abathur at level 4 is quite strong, or even too strong.

Additional Thoughts: I am still a bit unhappy about the Calldown: MULE talent. Repairing structures is really strong. I don’t really know if this talent should stay or leave the game.


Level 20
Ancient Flame
Attack Speed reduced by 20%

Comment: Alexstrasza on full E build is a beast from level 20 onwards. We slightly reduce the power by nerfing the level 20 talent. The longer auto attack interval should allow for more counterplay.


Range increase of Healing Dart and Sleep Dart reduced from 25% to 20%

Comment: Activating Shrike (Trait) gains too much range. So a slight nerf should be acceptable.

Additional Thoughts: The 100% anti heal on grenade is still bonkers. Maybe make grenade 75% anti heal in the base kit and with later talents you can improve it.


Phase Shift
Cooldown increased from 50 to 60 seconds
Level 1
Hyper Shift
Minion deaths no longer reduce the cooldown of Phase Shift

Comment: The buffs to Brightwing with increased Polymorph slow, cooldown reduction on Phase Shift and increased Spell Armor on Pixie Dust were a bit too much in one of the last Balance Patches. I would target the Phase Shift Cooldown. 50 seconds cooldown for a global ability is already strong. Additionally, the Hyper Shift talent allowed Brightwing so much mobility and Healing around the Battlefield. Now you have to be more cautious when to use Phase Shift. I think this is better for the game as other globals like Falstad and Dehaka have a 75 second cooldown on their global abilities.

Additional Thoughts: Polymorph is basically a silence, slow and blind in one skill. Additionally it is point and click and therefore never misses. In the base kit the duration is 1.5 seconds of polymorph. I personally think a base duration of 1.25 seconds makes much more sense for a skill of such strength. Maybe lower the cooldown of Polymorph to 10 or 11 seconds and Polymorph only lasts 1.25 seconds.


Level 1
Passive Damage increase reduced from 25 to 20
Quest Damage per Hero Hit reduced from 1.5 to 1.25
Level 7
Surge of Light
Damage reduced from 240 to 220

Comment: Thunderstrike build and Surge of Light are pretty strong right now.

Additional Thought: Cassia lives and dies by Surge of Light. This talent seem so mandatory and the only reason to play Cassia.


Mech Health Points reduced from 2250 to 2150
Mech Weapon Damage reduced from 22 to 21

Level 1
Full Metal
Mech Health increase reduced from 10% to 5%

Level 10
Micro Missiles
Damage reduced from 40 to 37

Comment: D.Va still going strong. Some slight nerfs here and there to bring her down a bit.


Brushstalker (Z)
When Brushstalker is used on Dehakas current position it goes on full cooldown

Comment: When you use Brushstalker on Dehakas current position while in a bush the ability will activate but will not go on cooldown. Dehakas use this trick to fool enemies that Brushstalker is on cooldown. In my opinion abilities should be used wisely and this trick has to go.


Level 4
Life Leech
Healing at Full Souls reduced from 4% to 3% of max HP

Level 7
Diabolical Momentum
Cooldown reduction reduced from 1.5 to 1.25 seconds

Comment: Bringing Life Leech Diablo more in-line. While below 100 Souls the Healing remains at 2% but the Bonus with Full Souls is now only 3%. Also Diabolical Momentum gets a slight nerf as Diablo Charging and Overpower can get a bit out of Hand.


Level 13
Cooldown reduction reduced from 5% to 4%


Comment: Just a small nerf to the strongest talent on the tier. Still a tad too much Heroic Ability uptime.

Additional Thoughts: E.T.C. whole playstyle seems to depend on his level 4 talent Loud Speakers. The bigger range and knockback on Loud Speakers is invaluable. Maybe something can be done about this mandatory talent?


Level 1
Lightning Rods Passive Cooldown reduction reduced from 3 to 2 seconds
Level 20
Wind Tunnel
Pulses per second reduced from 2 to 1

Comment: Slight nerf to Wingman at Level 1. Wind Tunnel is a bit trickier. The area of Mighty Gust is huge for a skillshot. With a wall near and Wind Tunnel available it is basically a 4 second stun without real counterplay. I would decrease the number of small pulses per second from 2 to 1. In this way you can “press some buttons” between the pulses.


Health reduced from 2375 to 2300

Rock-It Turret
Damage reduced from 40 to 37
Deth Lazor
Damage reduced from 184 to 176
Xplodium Charge
Range reduced from 8 to 7

Comment: The changes to Gazlowe last Balance Patch went a bit overboard. I think the changes to the talents were pretty solid. But the buffs to his base Stats and Abilities were just too much. I think some toning down of his base Stats help and then let’s see where we go from there.


Level 1
Target Practice
Storm Bow range increase reduced from 30% to 15%
Level 10
Dragon’s Arrow
Long distance stun duration reduced from 2 to 1.75 seconds

Comment: Hanzo Target Practice 30% plus range is a huge bonus. This bonus gets toned down to 15%. Also the 2 second stun on Dragon’s Arrow long distance snipes is very strong in coordinated environments. 1.75 seconds stun time seems more appropriate

Additional Thoughts: Hanzo Q skill still does not work with Force Move. Hopefully this gets fixed one day.


Level 7
Flash of Anger
Damage reduced from 150 to 140
Shield reduced from 250 to 230

Comment: Imperius revolves around his Flash of Anger talent and it's still going strong.


Fixed the bug of passively applying the 50% Q damage bonus against minions and mercenaries
(not taking the Queen of Blades talent)


Level 1
Portal Mastery
There is now a max range to the unlinked portal

Comment: When Medivh places the Portal end with the activatable button then he can connect the portal from anywhere on the map. There should be a max range from where you can connect the portals.


Level 4
Crystallize (Trait)
Cooldown reduction reduced from 10 to 5 seconds
Level 10
Cast animation increased from 0.4375 to 0.5 seconds

Comment: Crystallize is dominating the tier. Avalanche cast animation time should be like in the description. Also this makes the interruption window of Avalanche bigger.


Level 1
Bonus Damage while Inspire is active reduced from 125% to 100%

Comment: 56% winrate on a Level 1 talent and high popularity is a bit too much.


Fixed the Hearth-Swap Bug

Comment: Samuros Hearth-Swap is still in the game. Is it a feature or a bug?

The Butcher

Fresh Meat
After finishing the 200 Meat quest Heroes drop 5 Meat instead of 10

Comment: When Butcher finishes his quest then dead Heroes only drop 5 Meat. This should stop Butcher from reaching values of 300 to 500 Meat towards the endgame which can feel kind of oppressive.


Level 20
No longer produces an impassable rift. Stun duration increased from 1 second to 1.75 seconds.
Cooldown reduced from 70 to 60 seconds.

Comment: Thralls old Level 20 upgrade on Sundering felt like a nerf. The stun time is chosen as other strong stun tools (Johanna Blessed Shield level 20, Uther Divine Storm) have the same value and it has to compete with Wind Rush.


Health Points reduced from 1975 to 1900

Level 1
Wave of Light
Mana refund on Healing or Damaging Heroes with Holy Radiance increases from 5 to 8

Comment: Uther still has a lot of HP for a Healer and also gives Armor. I would tone him down by reducing his Health points a bit. Wave of Light has the most mana troubles for his Level 1 talents. The more Mana refund should help Uther players slightly who try to go heal build.

Additional Thoughts: Even with these changes Uther has some problems of reaching healing values as the other healers and has some mana tension. Maybe there can be made changes to Wave of Light to give him a full heal build.

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