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Some casual thoughts from a long time HOTS that recently started playing LOL…

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Some casual thoughts from a long time HOTS that recently started playing LOL...

Hi. 🙂

You probably ( by that I mean definitely) do not know me and I am just another casual player that has enjoyed this game for a very long time.

HOTS was my first and only MOBA for close to a year, I tried LOL but mainly sticked with HOTS till I started playing Smite.

After I started playing Smite I switched between that and HOTS as they were different enough to not eat into each others playtime depending on what I wanted to play that day.

But recently I returned to LOL due to multiple other reasons but also because HOTS does not feel much like the HOTS I started out playing a year and a half back in middle to late May 2017.

And the 2019 changes do not help this at all, League as you might or might not know is playing around with an experimental mode called "Nexus Blitz" and yes it is exactly what it sounds like.


It is basically HOTS ported into LOL (lots of teamfights, events and matches capped at 18 minutes) and you know what saddened me when playing this mode (because it is a really fun mode)…

It felt and looked more like HOTS than the HOTS currently on the PTR with the 2019 changes, the games reward you for skillful play and working with your team (it even shares XP between kills if you stay close to other players).

LOL is actually slowly but surely beginning to eat into my HOTS playtime and I actually do not want it to, I enjoy the game but I also enjoy HOTS in its current live state but definitely not the PTR state.

This topic is not me saying LOL is better (it has its own faults), its me saying that HOTS needs to realize what it is and keep what players love about the game (which Nexus Blitz in LOL captures very well in a lot of ways) before pushing the 2019 changes live.

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