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Some Chen feedback and suggestions

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Some Chen feedback and suggestions

I've been playing Chen a fair amount since his rework and the following is some feedback.

First of all, I really like the reworked Chen overall. His skillcap was raised while maintaining a reasonable skill floor. I also like how a few talent tiers (e.g. 1 and 16) offer a choice between defensive and offensive talents (rather than all defensive or all offensive) and his level 13 offers a choice between slows, defence or waveclear. This kind of talent diversity is quite nice.

Also while some people feel his breath of fire delay after keg smash feels clunky, it feels fine to me and it is probably necessary if chen wants to keep his current breath of fire power damage.

However there are some other parts which I thought I'd highlight:

  1. Flying kick build got nerfed quite a bit. Not sure whether this is intentional or not. It was nerfed for many reasons.
    1. Firstly, flying kick cooldown is 5 seconds but his trait cooldown is now 7 seconds. That means that instead of every flying kick getting 100% bonus damage (since you need brew shields to get the bonus damage), you only get it every other kick, which is half the time. That is a HUGE nerf.
    2. Since shields only persist for 4 seconds after drinking, and kick cooldown is 5 seconds, unless you take the freshest ingredients quest at level 1 for shields to persist, you can't get the bonus damage on the second kick
    3. If you take the freshest ingredients quest, then the flying kick build becomes extremely one-dimensional. You basically have to take this quest and every Q talent. Chen enjoys so nice talent diversity elsewhere, it's quite a shame to force chen to take this quest for the Q build to work well
    4. Also, previously, chen could sip his brew for 0.1 second and then kick for the bonus damage. Previously, this would give chen 30-35 brew since it gave 25 brew instantly. Now however, chen can't do that because the instant brew was removed. This is also a nerf to the flying kick build that requires shields to be up for the bonus damage
  2. The second thing is, I'm not sure if it was an intentional design decision for chen to have to waste breath of fire to get keg to start cooling down. If I miss my keg, I often have to cast breath of fire at nothing, just to start the keg cooling down. Not sure if intentional.
  3. Thirdly, chen already has a few talents for his auto attacks. I thought it'd be nice to have talents that empower his spells, for games where auto attacking is harder (e.g. facing a lot of slows like arthas and jaina). However, his accumulating flames talent also requires you to hit autos, so that restricts chen a little.
  4. Fourthly, Chen's heroic is really fun to play with. However, for storm earth fire, to empower abilities requires casting 2 other abilities first. That means if I cast the storm earth fire, and want an empowered ability now, I basically have to waste my other 2 abilities whether or not they get value, just so I can get my empowered ability now. That is not good design. When SEF is casted, quite often chen wants the empowered damage or root immediately. So the other 2 spells are just casted whether or not they get value. A suggestion would be to have a button (e.g. hotkey 1 or hotkey G or trait or whatever) that empowers the next ability casted. The drawback is that that would be one more button for chen players to get used to. However the upside is far greater control over which ability gets empowered, and proper usage of ability (rather than wasting 2 to get 1 empowered one)

If I have more feedback I'll update this. Thanks.

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